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Articles by George Ellison

Reversing Coils

July 11, 2007
Re-Wired for Sound
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June 12, 2007
In the early ‘50s, Fender’s guitars came with single coil pickups only. While the early Blackguard Teles gave the player the ability to combine the neck and bridge pickups together via a “blend” control, the Strat made no provision for combining coils.
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Polarity and You

May 14, 2007
We’ll discuss pickup design, and the sometimes subtle nuances that can make a difference
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About Setups, Pt. 2

May 1, 2007
There are several adjustments to be made, and they should be made in this order: the truss rod, string height (action), and then intonation. You should always follow this order, with one caveat: floating tremolos. If you have a floating trem, check out this section before making other adjustments
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About Setups, Pt. 1

April 11, 2007
A setup means an overall adjustment and servicing. Different shops give you different things with their setups, but you should expect that it will include adjusting everything that is adjustable, and making sure that the guitar is as mechanically functional as it can be. Since everyone needs their guitar setup from time to time, we''ll take the process from the top.
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