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Dr. Molly Miller

Dr. Molly Miller

Since Dr. Molly Miller picked up a guitar at age 7, she’s been captivating audiences with her sophisticated and raw style. She’s one of Los Angeles’ most sought-after musicians, recording and touring with artists such as Jason Mraz and The Black Eyed Peas. Miller is also the chair of the Guitar Department at Los Angeles College of Music. For more information, like tour dates and music, check out



Plan Your Practice Time

May 23, 2020
Make the most of the time you have by focusing on both the technical and emotional sides of practicing.
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Sister Rosetta

Dr. Molly’s Guitar Lab: The Badass Riffs of Sister Rosetta Tharpe

May 12, 2018
One of rock guitar’s pioneers could tear through double-stops, chromatic riffs, and fiery triplets with grace and attitude.
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