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Fender Unveils CuNiFe Pickup Series

Fender Unveils CuNiFe Pickup Series

The CuNiFe pickups are voiced by Fender's in-house chief engineer and sound guru, Tim Shaw.

In the early 1970s, Fender hired acclaimed pickup designer Seth Lover to create a Fender-flavored take on a higher-output dual-coil pickup. The resulting Wide Range pickup used CuNiFe-rod magnets to achieve a distinctively brilliant sound, but when CuNiFe became impossible to source because of its obsolescence in the automobile industry, the product was discontinued. It remained that way for over 40 years, but recently, things have changed, and today Fender is proud to release the reimagined CuNiFe Pickup Series, a selection of CuNiFe (an alloy of copper, nickel & iron) and Cobalt Chrome pickup sets for Stratocaster, Telecaster and Jazzmaster guitars.

CuNiFe Stratocaster Pickup Set | Fender

CUNIFE STRATOCASTER PICKUP SET ($349.99 USD, £319.00 GBP, €379.00 EUR, $599.00 AUD, ¥58,850JPY) The first truly innovative voice in single-coil Stratocaster pickups in a generation, CuNiFe Stratocaster pickups offer brilliant tone both familiar and new at the same time. Their vintage-style voice offers more of everything—deep piano-like lows, present and pleasing midrange, and sweet and sparkling highs that will invigorate your guitar playing with new life and bold dynamics. CuNiFe, historically only used in our wide-range humbuckers that use the same threaded magnets, these pickups embody hi-fi clarity while never losing attack and definition no matter how hard they’re pushed. The distinctive-looking chrome-ringed cover acts as a shield to help eliminate 60-cycle hum, making these pickups a remarkably true and quiet single-coil option. Sought after by musicians of all genres for decades, the original-era real CuNiFe magnet pickups disappeared when the Telecaster Custom was discontinued in 1979.

CuNiFe Cobalt Chrome Telecaster Pickup Set | Fender

COBALT CHROME TELECASTER PICKUP SET ($199.99 USD, £279.00 GBP, €329.00 EUR, $539.00 AUD, ¥41,800 JPY) - Voiced by tone guru, Tim Shaw, Cobalt Chrome utilizes the perfect magnetic combination to unlock your full Telecaster tonal potential. The Cobalt Chrome Telecaster pickups use our own proprietary blend of a FeCrCo magnet that brings an added snap and attitude to your Telecaster. Voiced so each position contains a unique musical fingerprint with transparency and bite. The distinctive-looking chrome-ringed cover acts as a shield to help eliminate 60-cycle hum, making these pickups a remarkably true and quiet single-coil option while still offering the twang that a Telecaster is known for.

CuNiFe Cobalt Chrome Jazzmaster Pickup Set | Fender

CUNIFE/COBALT CHROME JAZZMASTER PICKUP SET ($299.99 USD, £279.00 GBP, €329.00 EUR, $539.00 AUD, ¥41,800 JPY) A curated set of Jazzmaster pickups that deliver the distinction of Cobalt Chrome and the warm articulation of CuNiFe to your instrument. Voiced by tone guru, Tim Shaw, Cobalt Chrome and CuNiFe is the perfect magnetic combination to unlock your full Jazzmaster tonal potential. The Cobalt Chrome bridge pickup and CuNiFe neck pickup bring a balanced voice and added dynamic range to this classic Fender offset design.

CuNiFe Wide Range Jazzmaster Pickup Set | Fender

CUNIFE WIDE RANGE JAZZMASTER PICKUPS ($399.99 USD, £369.00 GBP, €439.00 EUR, $739.00 AUD, ¥58,850 JPY) Supercharge your Jazzmaster with classic Fender wide range humbuckers that will fit any Jazzmaster with no modifications needed. Everything that you love about the Wide Range humbucker but in a Jazzmaster cover. The Wide Range CuniFe Jazzmaster pickups deliver rich bell-like humbucking tones with full bass and clear treble. CuNiFe pickups have “hi-fi” clarity yet never lose their attack and definition no matter how hard they are pushed. Available as a set or individual bridge or neck position pickups.


  • Custom voiced by FMIC in house legendary chief engineer and sound guru, Tim Shaw.
  • CuNiFe Exclusive to Fender
  • Stratocaster Pickups: 100% CuNiFe
  • Telecaster Pickups: Feature a Curated Cobalt Chrome Mixture
  • Jazzmaster Pickups: Available in Traditional Jazzmaster (50/50 CuNiFe/Cobalt Chrome) and Wide Range (100% CuNiFe)
  • Enhanced Dynamic Range
  • Noise/Hum reduction
  • Not currently available on Fender stock guitars
  • Sought after by musicians of all genres for decades

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Guest Picker - Mei Semones

Mei’s latest album, Kabutomushi.

A: The picking style I’ve practiced the most is alternate picking, but the picking style I usually end up using is economy picking. Alternate feels like a dependable way to achieve evenness when practicing scales and arpeggios, but when really playing, it doesn’t make sense to articulate every note in that way, and obviously it’s not always the fastest.

Obsession: My current music-related obsession is my guitar, my PRS McCarty 594 Hollowbody II. I think it will always be an obsession for me. It’s so comfortable and light, has a lovely, warm, dynamic tone, and helps me play faster and cleaner. This guitar feels like my best friend and soulmate.

Reader of the Month - Jin J X

Photo by Ryan Fannin

A: For decades, the Eric Johnson-style “hybrid picking” with a Jazz III for “pianistic” voicings. Great for electric, though not so much acoustic. I’ve been recently learning to use a flatpick, à la Brian Sutton, by driving the pick “into” the string at an angle—which makes me think of Pat Metheny and George Benson, without irony.

Obsession: I’m still focused on understanding the concepts of jazz, neo-classical, and beyond, though I’m also becoming obsessed with George Van Eps’ 7-string playing, flatpicking, hip-hop beats, the Hybrid Guitars Universal 6 guitar, and the secret life of the banjo.

Editorial Director - Ted Drozdowski

A: Decades ago, under the sway of Mississippi blues artists R.L. Burnside, Junior Kimbrough, and Jessie Mae Hemphill, I switched from plectrum to fingerstyle, developing my own non-traditional approach. It’s technically wrong, but watching R.L., in particular, freestyle, I learned there is no such thing as wrong if it works.

Obsession: Busting out of my songwriting patterns. With my band Coyote Motel, and earlier groups, I’ve always encouraged my talented bandmates to play what they want in context, but brought in complete, mapped-out songs. Now, I’m bringing in sketches and we’re jamming and hammering out the arrangements and melodies together. It takes more time, but feels rewarding and fun, and is opening new territory for me.

Managing Editor - Kate Koenig

A: I have always been drawn to fingerpicking on acoustic guitar, starting with classical music and prog-rock pieces (“Mood for a Day” by Steve Howe), and moving on to ’70s baroque-folk styles, basic Travis picking, and songs like “Back to the Old House” by the Smiths. I love the intricacy of those styles, and the challenge of learning to play different rhythms across different fingers at the same time. This is definitely influenced by my classical training on piano, which came before guitar.

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