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Fervor Pickups Announce Multi-Tone Humbucker

Fervor Pickups Announce Multi-Tone Humbucker

The Multi-tone is a new high-output offering from Fervor pickpus

Jupiter, FL (March 22, 2010) -- ­ Fervor Pickups has introduced the Fervor Multi-tone Humbucker to its lineup. The Multi-tone is a higher output offering with expanded edge, sustain, and drive. Its bottom-end is notably thicker and nastier than Fervor's previous models. The Multi-tone combines classic voicing with modern power for the ultimate in sonic flexibility.

"The Multi-tone is the perfect mix of everything I've wanted in a modern humbucker, a boat-load of power with exceptional dynamic range," says Fervor Pickups founder and CEO Geoff Moore.

As it's name implies, The Multi-tone is designed to handle a variety of styles, from sparkling cleans, harmonically rich lead lines, and grinding blues to full-on hard rock and metal tones.

The Multi-tone features Alnico 5 magnets hand-wound with 43 gauge plain enamel wire, joined to a nickel silver base plate and a braided lead wire. The pickup is available in black or zebra; covers are available in chrome, gold, or black.

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