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Gear Award 2020

A positively luxurious stomp nails the liquid textures of brown-panel Deluxe bias tremolo.

Top-shelf quality. Immersive, liquid, trem' textures that meld seamlessly with guitar and amp tones. Elegantly simple but capable control set.



Origin Effects Deluxe61 Bias Tremolo


Editor's note: Deluxe61 Amp Tremolo & Drive is the updated name of the Origin Effects pedal that debuted under the name REVIVALTrem.

Some gear nerd debates get pretty pointless. Disputing the merits of different op-amps in two late-model RATs? Maybe that time would be better spent practicing. But tremolo circuits are another matter. The differences between bias, optical, and harmonic tremolo can be audible and profound. Each has its merits and champions. But in terms of soul and musical utility, it's hard to beat bias tremolo's soft, contoured pulses and mellow-to-throbbing range.

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Now the world’s best-known 6-string duo, Gabriela Quintero and Rodrigo Sánchez have long-reaching roots that extend from metal to Irish folk music and distill into their unique take on nylon-string-acoustic-guitar music.

Photo by Ebru Yildiz

On their new album, In Between Thoughts… A New World, the acoustic duo goes half-electric, plumbs programmed beats, adds slide guitar, and explores nondualism—following a creative path that opened due to the Covid shutdown.

Grammy Award-winning guitar virtuosi Rodrigo y Gabriela started recording what would become their latest album, In Between Thoughts… A New World, in February 2021. At the time, crafting a new album wasn’t the catalyst for making new music. They really just wanted to write, jam, and record without an agenda while locked down during the pandemic.

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Unique, complex reverb tones lurk in a fun and imaginative stomp that’s an ergonomic and utilitarian delight.

Recorded via Apogee Duet to Garage Band with Fender Jazzmaster, and Fender Vibro Champ.

Drum machine recorded with room mode reverb.

Rhythm track uses room setting at 20-30% FX level, and modest modulation rate and depth.

The lead track moves through room, digital, peak, and gate reverbs in that order.

At 1:28 the gong reverb appears on a separate track along with the wave reverb set to high depth and modulation rates.


Scads of unusual, vast-to-tasteful reverb tones. Thoughtful, ergonomic, flow-oriented design. Great contrasts between modes. Fun!

Doesn't do super-accurate spring or plate sounds. Some digital artifacts. Expensive.


Death By Audio Rooms Stereo Reverberator


Ease of Use:


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Hear how close the EHX Soul Food, J. Rockett Archer, NUX Horseman, Wampler Tumnus, and Way Huge Conspiracy Theory come to nailing the tone of a legend.

It's been more than a quarter century since the Klon Centaur overdrive debuted. So why are we still talking about it?

The Klon became a cult item soon after it appeared, celebrated for its transparent overdrive. “Transparent" isn't exactly a scientific term, but it makes sense when comparing the Klon to the popular overdrives that preceded it—notably the Ibanez Tube Screamer, which to this day provides the template for a large percentage of overdrive pedals.

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