February 2019

Guitars And Gear Showcase - PRS Archon Amplifier and S2 Singlecut


Paul Reed Smith S2 Singlecut - MSRP: $1,399.99

The PRS S2 Singlecut solidbody electric guitar brings a classic body style to the already impressive S2 line of guitars. It's an incredibly comfortable guitar to wear and play over long gigs and recording sessions, thanks to its asymmetric beveled, bookmatched, figured maple top. And guitarists at Sweetwater really dig the PRS S2 #7 neck and bridge humbuckers, which serve up vintage flavors with plenty of clarity and articulation. Basically, if you're after monster tone, epic sustain, and eminent playability, your expectations will be exceeded with the PRS S2 Singlecut.

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Paul Reed Smith Archon Amplifier - MSRP: $2,299

The commanding PRS Archon tube guitar amplifier head gets its name from the ancient Greek word for lord or ruler, and it more than lives up to its lofty title! Thanks to its unique preamp design, which utilizes five cascading gain stages and six 12AX7 preamp tubes, the Archon's lead channel gives you a lush and creamy distortion unlike any amplifier we've had the pleasure of carrying at Sweetwater. And when you want to play clean, you'll discover a rich and flattering clean channel onboard that offers all of the headroom you or your pedalboard could ask for.

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