March 2019

Guitars and Gear 2015 - Hughes & Kettner

Hughes and Kettner

TriAmp MK3

Hughes & Kettner Triamp MKIII 100-Watt Dual 3-Channel Tube Head - value: $3,999.99
Get all the true-tube tones you want - and all the stage-rumbling wattage you need! The Hughes and Kettner Triamp MKIII head comes equipped with a trio of independent power amp sections that can be used independently or combined. The best part? You can use a wide range of different tube types to conjure authentic American and British amp tones (and create your own custom sounds too). Each of the Triamp MKIII three preamp sections has a pair of channels, and you can route them independently to the power sections. The result? You're plugged into 42 different amp possibilities - from one amp head. You also get a DI output with Ambience Emulation, full MIDI control, an included MIDI MIDI footboard, intuitive controls, an onboard noise gate, and much more.

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TC 412 A60


Hughes & Kettner TC 412 A60 Cabinet - value: $1,099.99
When paired with a Triamp MKIII tube head, the Hughes & Kettner TC 412 A60 speaker cabinet is poised to rattle the stage and shake the rafters. Loud and clear with a massive bottom-end wallop, the TC 412 A60 provides you with all of the rich and creamy mids and sparkling highs you can handle, thanks to its custom-made RockDriver Classic 60 speakers - all housed in a dovetailed birch ply enclosure. Do you have a Triamp MKIII? Then what are you waiting for? Give your Sweetwater Sales Engineer a call and grab a Hughes & Kettner TC 412 A60 speaker cabinet!

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