April 2019


Radial Engineering

Radial Engineering JDX Direct Drive

Radial JDX Direct-Drive - Active Guitar Amp Direct Box -  Value: $199.99

Wouldn't it be cool to plug into a direct box that gives you the sound of a guitar amp? Unlike common DIs that simply pass signal to the console, the Radial JDX Direct-Drive delivers the tone and feel of a real guitar amplifier. Think about how freeing that would be, not having to lug an amp to the gig! Here's where the amp simulation magic happens: a series of filters meticulously modeled on a Shure SM57 in front of a Marshall 4 x 12" cab. From there, you have two additional voicing options: a vintage Marshall tube head, and an early Fender Twin. Sweetwater guitarists are amazed and delighted by the Radial JDX Direct-Drive. You will be, too.

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