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Gibson "Extreme Guitar Makeover" Contest

Gibson "Extreme Guitar Makeover" Contest

A treasure trove of Gibson accoutrements for one lucky winner

Nashville, TN (January 31, 2008) - If you''re a Gibson nut, chances are you''ve got an old Les Paul lying around -- maybe an SG. Maybe they''re even not even Gibsons, but Epiphones. Maybe you''ve moved on to a new guitar, but memories from early gigs and jamming with friends in the basement have you keeping the axe for sentimental reasons. If you want to revive a retired guitar, or just breathe new life into one of your Les Pauls, Gibson is holding a contest that can help you out. They''re calling it the "Extreme Guitar Makeover" contest from Gibson Gear, and the winner will receive everything needed to dress up their old buddy.

The Grand prize includes:
  • Gibson Pickups of choice
  • Machine Heads
  • Bridge
  • Tailpiece
  • Ten sets of Gibson strings
  • Gibson guitar strap
  • Luthier''s Choice Triple Pack (polish, string cleaner and fretboard conditioner)
The second place winner will still take home the pickups, strings and care pack, while the third place winner will get the strings and a vintage restoration kit.

Unfortunately, you''re on your own for the installation of the winnings, though it might just be enough to get you started on trying some of that DIY stuff that we''re always talking about (learning to solder is a good place to start).  If you''re not a DIY''er, the local repair shop should do the trick (of course, Gibson recommends their Service Centers).

The contest began on January 15 and entries will be accepted through March 31, 2008. Click here to check it out!