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Guitars And Gear Showcase - Two Notes Reload


Two Notes Torpedo Reload Reactive-Active Attenuator - MSRP:$995
Two Notes' Torpedo Reload is your one-stop high-end device for quiet/silent playing and reamping. A power attenuator, multi-impedance loadbox, DI, and re-amping box all in one, Torpedo Reload does it all - and quite well, we might add. Take it from Sweetwater, this is essential kit for a proper guitarist's studio. It's all about tone, and you may have used attenuators that have disappointed you in the past. Torpedo Reload's Reactive-Active technology presents your amp with a consistent speaker impedance, for glorious, full, transparent sound - no matter how much attenuation you've dialed up. Torpedo Reload comes with 24 Wall of Sound cabinets, and others are available for purchase directly from within the interface.

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