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January 2007 New Products

New year, new products

Coffin Case SK-125 Guitar CaseCoffin Case SK-125 Guitar Case

The SK-125 guitar case features a skull and bones decorative aluminum exterior, with a plush diamond tucked black velvet interior that will fit all Strat shaped guitars as well as SG, PRS and most standard shape electric guitars (will not fit Les Pauls, Flying Vs or Explorers). It also features an extra-large storage compartment, professional steel latches all with locks and heavy-duty road approved handle.

MSRP $199.00

Core One Creative Spark Plug Cable

Inspired by Southern California car culture for their Bullet Cable line, the Spark Cable’s precision machine chrome straight nickel/gold plated connectors are fashioned to look like spark plugs. The 12-foot red cable, made from audiophile quality materials has an abrasion-resistant jacket made from a special T-flex mesh adds flexibility of the cable for play action. The Spark cable, like the original .44 mm bullet casings on the brand’s retro-style thick coil cable, are reinforced connectors made from quality materials.

MSRP $139.00
310-533-1204 x301
Core One Creative Spark Plug Cable

Guyatone Optical Effects SeriesGuyatone Optical Effects Series

The Guyatone Optical Effects are analog/digital hybrids with 100% analog audio paths using custom-made photo couplers. The proprietary CPU controller features a digital oscillator with tap tempo rate control, six selectable waveform patterns, and assignable CV control of a variety of parameters. These units are not digital modelers; however they can perform many of the functions of modeling units, bringing the flexibility of digital control to the analog audio domain.

The Ultron Optical Envelope Filter takes the soul of the vintage Mutron III and adds a variety of new and useful control features, including selectable manual, envelope, or oscillator-controlled filter operation, HP, BP, LP, and notch filters with high, low, and mid frequency ranges, variable threshold, peak, frequency and speed controls and more.

The Ultrem Optical Tremolo can also create many all new sounds custom-tailored by the user for the ultimate in analog tremolo tone. Features selectable manual-controlled or oscillator-controlled operation with stereo outs, speed, depth, and saturation controls with switchable dry blend and stereo panning. Both models carry a 3 year limited warranty.


Line 6 LowDown LD300 Pro

The LD300 Pro delivers five carefully crafted amp models that can take you from vintage punch to modern grind. You also get a critical set of effects that no bass player should be without, and can save custom sounds to a preset on the front panel for instant recall anytime. The LD300 Pro also features XLR direct out, with Line 6’s exclusive A.I.R. processing, a 1/8” input to jam with a CD/MP3 player, built-in chromatic tuner and 300 watts of power.

MSRP $839.99
Line 6 LowDown LD300 Pro

IK Multimedia StealthPlugIK Multimedia StealthPlug

StealthPlug is the first compact and affordable 1/4” jack to USB audio interface cable for guitar and bass players to plug into the world of softwarebased amp/effects modeling and recording. It comes bundled with six software and sounds packages: a guitar/bass amps and effects standalone and plug-in processor, a full recording studio, two effects and instrument plug-ins and loads of ready to use sounds and loops. Portable and easy to use, StealthPlug is the perfect solution for recording, practicing, and playing your guitar or bass, anytime or anywhere.

MSRP $129.00

ToadWorks Phantasm Dynamic Phaser

The Phantasm is a sophisticated analog phase-shift effect, with smooth operation and a low noise floor. The Phantasm incorporates simplicity of design with a full-figured feature set, the centerpiece being the Center-Axis control and Attack-Controlled modes. With Phantasm''s Attack-Controlled Depth (ACD) and Attack-Controlled Sweep (ACS) you can increase or decrease both the depth and sweep based entirely on signal amplitude.

MSRP: $450.00
ToadWorks Phantasm Dynamic Phaser

Orange Thunderverb 200Orange Thunderverb 200

Using a revolutionary new technology, Orange’s engineers have created a world first: a 200 watt interactive amplifier designed specifically for guitar and bass guitar. The Thunderverb 200 combines a ground breaking tube design and unique output transformers, to enable its bass bandwidth to operate as low as 30Hz without distortion. It can deliver the thickest guitar tone possible, and also sounds great when used for bass guitar.When it comes to drop tunings or 7 string guitars, the Thunderverb 200 is in its element.

MSRP $2699.00

Stellartone ToneStyler Kit

The ToneStyler is an advanced drop-in replacement for the standard tone pot in the electric guitar. Easily installed in minutes without any modifications to the instrument, the ToneStyler dramatically improves the tone and versatility of any guitar with passive pickups. Since the ToneStyler fits your guitar''s original tone knob, your tone upgrade is invisible. The revolutionary ToneStyler has not one, but an array of fourteen selectable capacitors and rolloff points.

MSRP $119.98
Stellartone ToneStyler Kit

Victoria Regal II AmplifierVictoria Regal II Amplifier

A combo amp featuring reverb and tremolo, The Regal II is a pure single-ended class A design that utilizes a new “Adaptive Transformer Technology,” allowing the use of one or two power tubes at the same time. A unique design allows for the use of any combination of common 8 pin power tubes, and never needs biasing or adjustments when changing tubes. Available in laquered tweed or vanilla tolex, the Regal II is 100% handwired with U.S.- made Allen Bradley resistors and custom Victoria capacitors.

MSRP $2895.00

Gibson Les Paul BFG

The Les Paul BFG is the most powerful Les Paul Gibson has ever made. Blasted back to the bare essentials, the BFG features two volumes and one tone knob to control the high-powered Burstbucker 3 humbucker in the bridge and a screaming, singlecoil P-90 in the neck. The traditional toggle has been rewired as a kill switch, and a mini-toggle at the volume knobs controls pickup selection. The BFG has no binding, no figured top, no finishing touches, giving the BFG a distinctive look that is both modern and vintage.
Gibson Les Paul BFG

Lectrosonics SMQ Wireless TransmitterLectrosonics SMQ Wireless Transmitter

The new SMQ “Super-Mini” quarter watt wireless transmitter has cleared FCC regulatory requirements and is now available. The 250mW RF output of the SMQ provides exceptional range and resistance to interference, and the super-miniature belt pack transmitter is smallest high-power unit on the market. It features a membrane-switch front panel, LCD display, specially-plated, machined-aluminum housing, a leather belt clip pouch and a set of four, 2500mAh rechargeable NiMh AA batteries, plus a charger.

MSRP $1,960.00