D&A Guitar Gear, manufacturer of high-quality, innovative Guitar Stands, and Accessories announced today an exclusive U.S. distribution agreement with Danish Guitar pedal brand, Lunastone Pedals known for its TrueOverDrive technology that is based on cascading gain stage designs. 
Lunastone, an electronics company based in Copenhagen, Denmark announced that as of March 15 th ,
2018, D&A Guitar Gear will distribute its full line of Guitar Pedals to Musical Instrument Retailers across
the U.S. Lunastone was formed in 2012 and has gained worldwide attention for its TrueOverDrive 1 and
TrueOverDrive 2 pedals, as well as the company’s original pedals Wise Guy, Big Fella and Three Stage
Rocket, all of which build on the cascading-gain- stages approach. Lunastone’s founder and Head
Engineer, Steen Grøntved, is a passionate guitarist who simply couldn’t find the overdrive sound he was
looking for in a pedal, which eventually ignited the idea of creating a unique overdrive circuit of his own.
Lunastone will be shipping 4 new Pedals this Spring. Smooth Drive 1, a low-gain overdrive that adds a
whole new dimension to ‘tasteful crunch’. Blue Drive 1, designed for – but not limited to – soulful blues
tone with an edge and fullness that puts it in a league of its own. Distortion 1 offers a thick and responsive
sound that is simply a Guitar player must-have. Red Fuzz 1 nails snarling and classy fuzz sound, but also
manages to bite gently, pleasantly and with a unique touch at lower gain settings.
Allan Strand, CEO of Lunastone Pedals stated: “Lunastone is a unique and fast-growing company,
focused more than anything on making great products. Being in a period of significant growth, it was
absolutely essential for us to find the right partner to handle the Sales, Marketing and Distribution to the
US MI Retailer Network. D&A Guitar Gear are the creators of high-quality products with a view to great
design, functionality and reliability, making the lives of musicians easier, and better. Just like us.
Therefore, we simply consider D&A Guitar Gear the perfect match for distributing our products in
Barry Mitchell, President of D&A Guitar Gear stated: “Lunastone Pedals offer musicians an impressive
range of inspiring tone, built by an incredible team of passionate Guitar players who are committed to
delivering great products. We are thrilled to be distributing Lunastone Pedals in the US and are looking
forward to getting Lunastone Pedals into the hands of our retail partners to help introduce Lunastone’s
exciting range of products to their customers”.
For more information please contact D&A Guitar Gear at sales@dnaguitargear.com (805) 370-0242.