Week #1 Winners

Gary StaufferJHS Pedals Ruby Red, Butch Walker Signature Overdrive
Jim SuttonRed Panda Context
Masato TachiSeymour Duncan Forza Overdrive
Stephane RaineaultThroBak Pedals Overdrive Boost
Aaron RasbandThroBak Pedals Stone Bender MKII
Christopher GarciaTWA WAH ROCKER

Week #2 Winners

Steven KelloggAclam Guitars SMART TRACK S2 Pedalboard
Carlo BarbaraEmpress Effects Reverb
Tyson BrinacombeKeeley Electronics Dark Side
Stephen ClarkNux Effects Octave Loop
Julian NussRed Witch Factotum
Martin WisckolSinvertek Electronic Co., Ltd. Distortion No.5
Lanny GilbertSinvertek Electronic Co., Ltd. Fluid Time MK I

Week #3 Winners

Bradley JacksonElectro-Harmonix Mel9 Tape Replay Machine
Edward  BasiulFishman ToneDEQ Acoustic Instrument Preamp/DI with Effects
Kevin FanningGator Cases GPB-XBAK-GR
Brian WalkerPigtronix Philosopher's Tone Micro
Jose JaraSource Audio Nemesis Delay
James HeapTech 21 Richie Kotzen RK5 Signature Fly Rig®

Week #4 Winners

Alex Konstantine Alexander Pedals Equilibrium Deluxe
Rabi Shook Daredevil Pedals Premium Overdrive
Ignacio Arias Greer Amps Super Hornet
Scott FergusonPeterson Strobe Tuners Stomp Classic
John HamnettBoss ES-5
James HeapWren & Cuff Elephant Skin
Luke JackmanGeorge L's Solderless Effects Kit
Jakob BrooksGeorge L's Solderless Effects Kit
Jeff HaddadGeorge L's Solderless Effects Kit
Todd LambertGeorge L's Solderless Effects Kit
Kyle KnappenbergerGeorge L's Solderless Effects Kit

Week #5 Winners

Mitchell WeissmanHenretta Engineering Chord Blaster
Nick BuckleyMXR Double Double Overdrive
Jeff ProvostOne Control Purple Plexifier-
John A BeaversISP Technologies, LLC Theta Preamp
Pedro RodriguezRAT Distortion FAT RAT

The slide master talks about amalgamating influences, keeping it fresh, how he approaches tone, and the best amp ever made.

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We polled our readers to find the coolest guitar shops in the US, and here are the first half of the results, in no particular order.

The 20 Coolest Guitar Shops in the US, Vol. 1
"We asked PG readers what is the coolest guitar shop they've been to in the US. And while long-gone favorites like Manny's Music (New York) and Black Market Music (San Francisco) came up again and again, there were even more current shops topping readers' favorites list. We compiled the 20 most mentioned stores and quickly realized there were too many great photos we'd have to cut in order to get them all in one gallery. So here's the first installment in no particular order. If you're wondering where your favorite is, it may be coming next time, or we might not be aware of it, so feel free to leave your faves in the comments section."

A recreation of George Harrison's '61 Sonic Blue Strat, hand-painted in psychedelic Day-Glo colors and affectionately named “Rocky.”

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