6 of the hottest pieces of gear straight from NAMM 2016! 

Your Hosts

Mitch Gallagher - Sweetwater Editorial Director and author of Guitar Tone: Pursuing the Ultimate Guitar Sound
Jon Levy - Publisher/Managing Director of The Premier Guitar Media Network 
Don Carr - Lead guitarist for the Oak Ridge Boys from 1991-2014, Studio guitarist and content specialist for Sweetwater

Gear in segment:
Roland Blues Cube Hot 
Hughes & Kettner TM Deluxe 20
Martin Grand Performance 28E
Electro-Harmonix Lester G Rotary Speaker Emulator Pedal
Peavey Vypyr Pro 100 

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A new tool for working on Floyd Rose and tremolo-equipped guitars.

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There’s just something about the grit on those repeats.…

There’s definitely a place for those pristine, perfect digital delay units, but when you need to hear a bit of degradation on the repeats there’s only one way to go. Here’s a look at 10 different analog boxes that range from simple and funky to expansive and weird.

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A new marketplace allowing music makers to buy and sell gently used gear through the trusted online music retailer.

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