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Brett Petrusek
Brandy Zdan on Joni Mitchell's "A Case of You" | Hooked

While raised on the classics, this Nashville rocker explains how a dulcimer riff illuminated a "path of permission" to tackle the guitar.

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Overflowing overdrive options—without option fatigue.

Fantastic sounds throughout. Compact and convenient.

Pricey. Some learning curve if you want to get the most out of the pedal.


RJM Music Overture


I usually keep three dirt pedals on my main board. You might have more. Lots of dirt options are fun! But what we gain in tonal variety from such set ups, we lose in valuable pedalboard space. The RJM Overture, an all-analog, digitally controlled programmable overdrive pedal with six distinct modes, offers a viable solution to this problem that doesn't skimp on the sounds.

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Slip 'n' slide away with a middy, massive, and gated Muff-style fuzz.

Fat Big Muff-style sounds and powerful tone-sculpting tools that shape more unique fuzz tones. Subtle but musical gate. Practical and amazing-looking slider controls.

Gated sound can be hard to use predictably and won't be music to everyone's ears.


SolidGoldFX Imperiall MkII


As jaded as I can be about fuzz (I see and hear a lot of them), it's hard to keep from getting giddy about the SolidGoldFX Imperial MkII. With slider controls and a red-on-black color scheme, it's clearly an homage to the early '70s JEN Jumbo Fuzz, a vintage unit I covet not just for its ultra-sick Big Muff-based tones and quirky gate function, but it's jaw-droppingly awesome Italo-sci-fi graphics.

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You could win gear from BTPA, Gator Cases, MXR, Origin Effects, or Revv Amplification!

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If filthy fuzz is your game, this cheeky stomp may well be your future Hall of Famer.

Cool variety of extreme/deviant fuzz tones. Nice dynamic capability at low gain settings. Fair price.

High gain settings can sacrifice articulation and introduce susceptibility to radio-frequency interference.


Acorn Amplifiers F#%k Face


What's with the cheeky name and graphics on Acorn Amplifiers' F#%k Face? Long story short: In 1989, the Fleer baseball-card company "accidentally" printed a short-lived card featuring Bill Ripken (Hall of Famer Cal Jr.'s less-known brother), hoisting a bat with "Fuck Face" scrawled on its butt. Besides being funny, the tie-in is that F#%k Face is inspired by the famous round 2-knob fuzz favored by Hendrix, Gilmour, and Eric Johnson—only it ups its progenitor's gain ante with three stages of filth courtesy of three 2N3904 silicon transistors.

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A new generation of artists have arrived, and Gibson--the iconic American guitar brand--has completed a new evolution in sound for acoustic guitar players, originally conceived in 1964. From the Gibson Lab, Gibson presents the new Gibson Generation Collection of Acoustic guitars. Inspired by a 1964 blueprint from the Gibson archives and continuing Gibson's iconic history of innovation, the Gibson Generation Collection offers a new sonic experience to HEAR MORE OF YOU, featuring balanced tone woods, and a slim comfortable neck at accessible price points.

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