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Brett Petrusek
Rig Rundown - Årabrot's Kjetil Nernes

Fiery Hiwatts (literally), an aluminum bari, and a common drive forge the tonal backbone for the Norwegian Grammy-winning metal mystic brewing sounds somewhere between Melvins' metallic chug, Neurosis' pulsing grind, and Swans' celestial moods.

In this episode, founding Norwegian metal visionary Kjetil Nernes details why he switched to a tuned-up, Electrical Guitar Company baritone, why he runs more Hiwatts than Pete at Leeds (and how they've caught fire … multiple times), and explains how a big-box-store drive sharpens his massive tone.

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You could WIN an Alvarez MD70EBG Masterworks Dreadnought during our latest giveaway!

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The legendary bassist shares wisdom and reflects on a long and storied career playing with just about everyone from Eric Clapton to Daft Punk and tells Cory how he keeps his gigs.

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The Rush legend's signature features Epiphone's Pro Bucker 3 (bridge) Ceramic Pro (neck) pickups, a Graph Tech Ghost Floyd Rose system, and be available for $899.

Legendary Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson and Epiphone present the new Alex Lifeson Epiphone Les Paul Standard Axcess electric guitar. Created by Alex Lifeson and the luthiers at Epiphone in Nashville, TN, the Alex Lifeson Epiphone Les Paul Standard Axcess is now available worldwide on:

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Don't miss your chance to get Nothing But Bass Vol. 11 absolutely FREE for a limited time.

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Covid caused a huge uptick in guitar sales and repair requests. If you're considering trying to fix it yourself rather than wait in line, here's a simple rule of thumb to keep in mind.

The COVID pandemic clobbered many of our favorite pastimes but proved to be a boon for the sales of some things, especially musical instruments. But while guitars, unlike bicycles (another pandemic fave), can be shipped without any significant disassembly, that doesn't necessarily mean it's smooth sailing once the box arrives and you pull a new, or at least new-to-you, instrument out of its case.

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