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Sweetwater delivers everything from the coolest new guitars to the hottest deals on amps, pedals, and other must-have accessories. Every day, the latest instruments arrive at our online Guitar Gallery, where we put each new guitar and bass on display, complete with high-res images that let you pick your favorite. Check out some of this week's highlights below.

MartinD-200 Deluxe

Celebrating 2,000,000 Martin Guitars

#3 and #4 Available at Sweetwater*

Ships with an RGM Custom Watch

To celebrate 2,000,000 Martins sold, the company has created this incredibly limited run of opulently ornamented instruments. Designed in conjunction with esteemed watch maker Roland G. Murphy of RGM Watch Company, the D-200 Deluxe is constructed with Adirondack spruce and Brazilian rosewood and ships with your very own RGM wristwatch.

*Extremely limited quantities.

IbanezRG Prestige RG652MPB

Exotic and Aggressive

New at Sweetwater

Classic DiMarzio Pickup Combo

The Prestige RG652MPB is a sleek blend of exotic tonewoods and the high-performance features that Ibanez has pioneered over the years. You'll love how fast you can move on the Super Wizard HP neck profile. This RG's original Edge tremolo is one of the most popular designs on the market. And its pairing of DiMarzio's Air Norton and Tone Zone is clear and punchy without being overpowering.

EVHWolfgang Special

Iconic Black and Yellow Striped Finish

In Stock and Ready to Ship

Designed by Eddie Van Halen

If you want an electric guitar that is guaranteed to perform and sound great for rock night after night, you have Eddie Van Halen design it. Its tonewoods, its hardware, and even the way the pickups are wound were all specified by the fretboard master. And this Wolfgang Special sports one of the legend's most famous paint jobs.

PeaveyCirrus 5

Peavey's Top of the Line

New at Sweetwater

Powerful Active Electronics

Peavey is a leader in crafting top-shelf bass guitars — such as this Cirrus 5 — for amazingly affordable prices. Boasting features such as an 18V active preamp, neck-through construction, and the breathtaking exotic wood combinations, the Cirrus 5 matches up well with instruments costing twice as much. Check out the whole lineup of Peavey basses at

EarthQuaker DevicesSpace Spiral Modulated Delay

Highly Tweakable Repeats

Brand-new from EarthQuaker Devices

Analog-voiced Digital Delay

If you're a sonic adventurer who loves delays that can morph and take your sound over, the Space Spiral fits the bill. It's an analog-voiced digital delay pedal that uses a variable waveshape LFO to create new washes of ambience. And there's plenty of `onboard control for finding the sound in your head.

BOSSDS-1-4A Distortion

Celebrate 40 Years of the DS-1

New at Sweetwater

Limited-edition Look*

The BOSS DS-1 distortion pedal is one of the most recognized and popular stompboxes in the history of the electric guitar. Its razor-sharp tone and high-gain sound have made it a staple on the pedalboards of Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Kurt Cobain, and more. For its 40th anniversary, BOSS is offering this DS-1-4A, which is the same great pedal with a sleek, limited-edition look.

*Only available for 2017.

Week #2 is here! You could win one of SIX Pedals! This giveaway ends September 26, 2022.

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No tone control? No problem. Shuksan is big, bold, and versatile.

Power and surprising versatility. High-quality build.

Some players will miss having a tone control to mellow the mood.


Spun Loud Effects Shuksan Fuzz


The staying power of fuzz speaks a lot to the way it can transcend musical styles. And that adaptability and lasting appeal means pedal builders are still developing fresh designs like this Shuksan Fuzz from Spun Loud Effects. Relatively straightforward in one sense, it's different from most fuzzes in a fundamental way: the knobs enable control over its two main gain stages (out of three total)—an unusual approach that delivers big fuzz tones, but also a lot of unusual ones.

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MG-400 houses 2 powerful DSP chips for high-definition White-Box Amp Modeling algorithm (TS/AC-HD) and Core-Image post-effects.

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