February 2019

Pedalmania 2014: Week 1 giveaways

Week 1 Giveaways



Enter for your chance to be one of 5 winners during week 1 of Pedalmania!  Giveaway ends September 8, 2014. Entries will be accepted from anywhere in the world where permitted by law. One winner will be drawn.


Emerson Custom Guitars Em-Drive - Value: $159.99
Handwired, Handbuilt in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma USA using some of the finest quality & reliable parts available. This pedal does everything from a slight boost/sparkle to a nice, warm light OD sound. Good for use as a first stage OD or a nice boost pedal.... you may find yourself leaving this on the entire gig!
- USA Made Custom Potentiometers (for an excellent taper and feel) 
- Handwired Construction 
- Blue LED 
- Durable Classic Turquoise Powdercoated Finish 
- USA Switchcraft Jacks 
- 3PDT True Bypass Footswitch 
- Hand picked and matched parts for ultimate tone. 
- Each & Every Pedal is Handbuilt, wired and tested in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma USA 
- Power: Standard 9-18V volt DC power supply with a negative center 2.1mm barrel, NO internal battery option. 
- Current Draw: >10mA

Ernie Ball MVP - Value: $135
Ernie Ball® is proud to introduce the Most Valuable Pedal! The MVP provides a super-fluid foot sweep, ideal for precise volume control, along with a + 20 decibel gain boost for powerful lead levels. The MVP's buffered pre-amp maintains a completely transparent audio path with zero high frequency loss at any volume level. Its compact aluminum chassis and rugged foot tread make it super durable for any environment.

Henretta Orange Whip - Value: $125
The Orange Whip is a simple, small box compressor pedal based on the popular Dan Armstrong Orange Squeezer circuit. The 2” x 2” box can squeeze its way onto any pedal board. There are no external knobs to worry about. Internal trimmers control the bias (mild adjustments to amount of compression) and output volume for a true set-and-forget platform. This circuit is known for its musical compression and natural sustain.

Rockett Pedals Blue Note - Value: $199

The Blue Note gives you a very woodsy blues feel and can achieve more gain than a typical tube screamer (no this isn’t another TS clone just using this as a reference). With the newly added “Hot” switch the pedal is capable of multiple tones. The “Hot” switch adds more gain, more volume and gooses the low mids for a thick juicy feel. The Blue note can be set to run flat in its EQ section or select the “Hot” position for more prominent mids. Since the Blue note can be run in either position it makes it suitable for many applications. This pedal is all about feel and really works well with any guitar/amp combination. This is one of our favorites.

Stone Deaf Fig Fumb Paracentric Fuzz Filter -  Value: £225

The Fig Fumb is a homage to that “famous fuzz” that has seen its place on many a pedal board over the years but this time with a paracentric filter, it offers never before heard tones from a classic fuzz circuit. The agility of a mountain goat with the power of a silverback gorilla, its been tweaked to offer bone crushing distortion all the way through to a rolled back smooth sounding fuzz. It’s going to burn a hole in the sun if your not careful or allow you to be a Dave Gilmour clone for the evening but this time rather than having spent tens of thousands of pounds on a touring rig to rival a Nasa launch, your now in charge of controlling elements that will help you match up your tone to any rig, getting you that one step closer to tonal perfection.

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