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Pedalmania 2014: Week 2 giveaways

Week 2



Enter for your chance to be one of 5 winners during week 2 of Pedalmania!  Giveaway ends September 15, 2014. Entries will be accepted from anywhere in the world where permitted by law. One winner will be drawn.


Analog Alien FuzzBubble-45 - Value: $249
Since it's introduction in 2010, the FuzzBubble-45 has found a home on hundreds of pedal boards world wide! This unique and versatile pedal offers a plethora of tonal options that allow you to dial in various degrees of overdrive and fuzz independently of each other, with speed and accuracy.
Even though the two circuits are design differently, both can be made to sound very similar to each other. It is this design feature that makes the FB-45 so versatile. You can go from a clean boost to a full overdrive or from power chord crunch to a sonic wall of fuzz simply by turning a few knobs and stepping on a foot switch. Like all Analog Alien pedals, the FB-45 sounds very natural and will never cover up your guitars character or your individual playing style. The FuzzBubble-45 can be powered using a 9v+ battery or external power supply and ships in a custom tin retro tin lunchbox with a bottle of Analog Alien bubbles and custom Analog Alien guitar picks!

Digitech Drop Pedal - Value: $249.95
Polyphonic drop tune pedal. Drop from 1 semitone to a full octave. Momentary/latching switch. Effect selector knob. True bypass. 9VDC power supply included.

DOD 410 BiFed Boost - Value: $149.95
BiFet Boost pedal with selectable Buffer on/off toggle switch. Up to 20dB clean boost. Volume and Tone controls. True bypass. 9V DC power supply input.

Ogre Thunderclap Distortion - Value: $299.99
The Thunderclap distortion from OGRE has a wide tone spectrum from boost, classic British
crunch tone, overdrive, to modern high gain distortion. It's unique 2­ band tone control offers even
further versatility to dial in your favorite tone in the recording studio and on stage . Impressing
with it's high precision 3 dimensional design , the Thunderclap has indestructible aluminum die
cast body and also unique and functional design . It's "Horns" helps you memorize your previous
settings and also has bright blue lights indicating your on/off position
• Enclosure ­ Using a highly durable enclosure with original design manufactured by
aluminum die casting method.
• LED display ­ Two blue LED windows with high visibility are used as effect ­on displays
• EQ ­ Free tone control is possible with two ­point tone control of bass and treble.
• Knob ­ Adopting a knob with original design which is convenient for tone and volume
• True bypass ­ As all effect pedals from OGRE adopts true bypass method
• Switch ­ Adopting not a metal knob of a mechanical switch but a pedal­type switching
• Input / Output ­ Arranging the input / output jack onto upper direction in order to make the
best use of pedal board space
• PCB ­ Dividing the power supply part and the signal pass by two boards in order to reduce
the interference noise caused by the power supply
• Hand­made ­ The hand­made effect pedal produced after thorough quality control
• Controls : Level / Bass / Treble / gain
• Connectors : Input / Output / DC input
• Effect on : Press the pedal switch to turn on the effect(the LED indicator lights up).

T•Rex Effects Replay Box -  Value: $299
This very studio-like sounding delay features true stereo ins and outs and a generous 3-second maximum delay time. Replay Box doesn't distort or warble - it offers crystal clear, studio-sounding delay, and your dry signal stays fully analog. The pedal features the convenience of Tap Tempo as well as a Subdivision switch which allows you to opt for quarter notes, triplets, or dotted eighths.

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