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 Enter for your chance to win a red Rock OD and Chrono delay from Providence Pedals!  Giveaway ends May 22, 2014. Entries will be accepted from anywhere in the world where permitted by law. One winner will be drawn.


Red Rock OD

The ROD-1 RED ROCK OD brings a new sonic concept to the Providence lineup. Basic voicing for this pedal was carried out in the United States where the dense, dry winds, piercing blue skies, and sizzling sun of the American Southwest inspired a sound that evokes the atmosphere of a spiritual land.

* Warm overdrive with plenty of sustain gives guitarists a wide-ranging expressive voice. The tone is a perfect match for guitars with single-coil pickups.
* An extra pre-gain circuit and three level controls (VOLUME, GAIN, and MASTER) make it possible to create distortion effects ranging from from crunch to hard drive with subtle control over all nuances in between.
* The pre-gain stage and volume control are similar to guitar amp input circuits, allowing level compensation for pickups of differing output as well as boost before the signal reaches the overdrive circuit.
* Specially voiced tone control circuitry maintains optimum overdrive sound throughout the control range.
* Internal circuitry doubles the 9-volt supply voltage to 18 volts, achieving wide dynamic range with impressive projection and a sense of unlimited depth.
* In conventional “true bypass” circuits the guitar signal passes through two sets of switch contacts when the effect is bypassed. The ROD-1 features an S.C.T (Single Contact True-bypass) circuit in which the signal only passes through one set of contacts in bypass mode. This increases reliability while maintaining the highest possible sound quality at all times.
* Improved output jack grounding is achieved with a D.C.G (Double Contact Ground) circuit that contacts the mono plug ground sleeve at two points rather than one. Increased ground contact area minimizes intermittent connections while ensuring maximum sonic quality.

Chrono Delay

Most modern digital delay units include a tap delay function, but many do not accurately translate the tapped tempo into delay time. Furthermore, the direct sound is often converted to digital format, resulting in some latency and a sound that is not truly “direct.” Not only does the DLY-4 CHRONO DELAY provide precise tap-to-delay setting, but it can memorize two separate delay times as well. The direct signal stays in the analog domain from input to output, passing through the acclaimed Providence VITALIZER® circuit so that no signal degradation occurs, and a high-performance mixer circuit where it is combined with the delay signal. After the precision delay signal is converted back to analog format it is processed via analog ECHO HARDNESS, FEED BACK, and MIX controls for a totally natural blend with the direct signal. The net result is a high-resolution delay effect that has extraordinary depth. In addition to refined sound, the DLY-4 CHRONO DELAY features a simple interface that allows fast, intuitive control.

* Delay time is adjustable from 1 to 2700 milliseconds. The current delay time is accurately shown on the 4-digit 7-segment LED display. 
* Delay time can be displayed in milliseconds (mSec) or beats per minute (BPM). The BPM display is not simply a “rough estimate.” BPM delay times are displayed with metronome accuracy.
* The delay time can be precisely set according to the tempo tapped on the TAP footswitch.
* The A/B preset memory allows two different delay times settings to be memorized and recalled via the footswitch as needed.
* With the specified delay time as a quarter-note reference, seven delay time variations ranging from half notes to sixteenth-note can be directly selected via the BEAT SPLIT selector. Rhythm-based delay time settings that previously required tedious calculations can now be made in an instant.
* Both the VITALIZER® that prevents degradation of the direct signal and the mixer that combines the direct signal with the delay signal are ana- log circuits that have been designed and built to the highest possible sonic standards.
* A momentary, non-latching type footswitch can be connected to the EXT.TAP jack to allow remote tap delay operation. When this function is used the A/B – TAP footswitch on the CHRONO DELAY unit is dedicated to A/B preset switching, so that tap delay and A/B preset switching operation are simultaneously available via separate footswitches.
* The DLY-4 CHRONO DELAY features a simple interface that allows fast, intuitive control.

The VITALIZER® circuit was developed to counteract the signal degradation that normally occurs in guitar and bass processing systems. The characteristics of the VITALIZER® circuit continuously adapt to the instrument's output, ensuring that the instru- ment's natural characteristics are transmitted without degradation or compromise.

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