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April 2012 Issue

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Get your recording fill with a roundup of five recording/tone-generating apps for iPhone, a feature on 10 essential tips for digital recordists, and the debut of our new Studio Legends features-the first of which features an in-depth interview with Alan Parsons about lessons he learned from recording Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon. We also talk to blues legend Bonnie Raitt about her first album in seven years, Sonic Youth guitarist Lee Ranaldo about his first-ever solo album, and Grammy-winning soul siren/bass phenom Esperanza Spalding about Radio Music Society. We've also got a DIY feature on setting acoustic intonation, and a profile of custom shred-guitar luthier Mike Sherman. Reviews this month include the Bilt S.S. Zaftig, Dr. Z MAZ 8 Studio, PRS SE 30, MXR Bass Fuzz Deluxe, Pigtronix FAT Drive, Death by Audio Apocalypse, M-tone Slipstream, Ansir Imperial SL 4-string, and Caroline Guitar Co. Olympia.
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