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August 2010 Issue

August 2010 Issue

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Meet Randy Parsons, a custom builder for the likes of Jack White, Jimmy Page, and Joe Perry who uses materials like bone, copper, and solid ebony to craft his extraordinary creations. Also, interviews with the Black Keys' Dan Auerbach and Sommatone Amplification, exploring the unsung guitar heroes of the '60s, a look at Guild amps of the 1950s, and a touching introduction to the Guitars for Vets organization. Reviewed: Mesa/Boogie Trans-Atlantic, Port City Sahana Amp and Cab, Vox AGA70 Acoustic Guitar Amp, Kala U-Bass, Amptweaker TightDrive and Bass TightDrive pedals, Dunlop Jerry Cantrell Signature Wah, Reverend Pete Anderson Signature guitar, Harden Engineering Switchblade guitar, Dynamic 2040 HG DynaLead amp, and Aracom Power Rox PRX150-Pro Attenuator.
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