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Fret-King Guitars Announces the Fluence Series

January 20, 2017
Three of the company's most popular models are now outfitted with Fishman pickups.
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Fret-King Announces John Jorgenson Signature Model

January 26, 2016
Designed in conjunction with Trev Wilkinson the new Fret-King Black Label JJ guitar is packed with a whole host of features.
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SNAMM '15 - Fret-King Jerry Donahue Signature, Esprit III, & Perception 5-String Bass Demos

July 26, 2015
See and hear two new 6-strings and a flashy 4-string designed by Trev Wilkinson.
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Musikmesse '15 - Fret-King Sonic Demo

May 12, 2015
Trev Wilkinson unleashes a radical new body style that melds several influences from past with future functionality.
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Vintage Announces V100MU Midge Ure Signature Model

July 28, 2014
Trev Wilkinson & Co. reissue favorited axe for guitarist who played in Visage, Slik, The Rich Kids, and Thin Lizzy.
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NAMM '14 - Fret-King Jerry Donahue-Duncan Signature | Vintage V58JDAB Jerry Donahue Demos

February 24, 2014
Mr. Hellecaster chats with PG about his two new signature models and even rips proper on both.
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Musikmesse '13 - Fret-King Esprit I Bass, Esprit III, & Vintage V6 Thomas Blug Signature Demos

April 29, 2013
Premier Guitar's Shawn Hammond is on location in Frankfurt, Germany, for the 2013 Musikmesse show, where he visits the Fret-King booth for a demos of their newest guitars--Esprit I Bass, Esprit III, & Vintage V6 Thomas Blug Signature model.
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NAMM '12 - Fret-King Black Label Series

March 7, 2012
PG's Jason Shadrick is On Location in Anaheim, CA, for the 2012 NAMM Show where he visits the Fret-King booth. In this segment we hear about the Black Label Series Jerry Donahue, Country Squire and Eclat models.
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Fret King Introduces Black Label DBC Dave "Bucket" Cowell Guitar

December 13, 2011
The classic single-cutaway look is inspired by the instrument Cowell used during his tenures with Paul Rodgers'' Bad Company and Humble Pie.
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Fret-King Super-Matic Guitar Review

June 14, 2011
In terms of ease of use and versatility, the Super-Matic may be the most elegant and practical stab at a self-tuning system yet.
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NAMM '11 - Fret King Matt Smith Matt-matic Demo

January 31, 2011
PG's Shawn Hammond is On Location at the 2011 NAMM Show where he visits the Fret King Guitars booth. In this segment, we get our first look and listen of Fret King's newest model--the Matt Smith Matt-matic Signature guitar.
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Summer NAMM '10 - Fret King ATD Auto-Tuning Bridge

June 23, 2010
PG's Rebecca Dirks is On Location in Nashville, TN, for the 2010 Summer NAMM show where she swings by the Fret King booth. In this segment, we get to check out the new Trev Wilkinson Fret King Auto Tuning bridge.

Trev Wilkinson, the brains behind the UK-based Fret King and Vintage brands, debuted a brand-new auto-tuning bridge that can store five user-programmable tuning presets, in addition to the pre-loaded standard E, open G, DADGAD, and open D. It's very easy to use, and tunes very quickly and accurately. The bridge comes installed on the Fret King Super-Matic, but will also be available for all manufacturers to install in their models.
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Fret-King Green Label Corona 60 HB Review

July 22, 2009
The Fret-King Corona 60 HB takes the vintage Strat mold and makes all the necessary improvements
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Video Review - Fret King Green Label Corona 60 HB

July 20, 2009
PG's Bob Goffstein reviews the Fret King Green Label Corona 60 HB. In this video review, Bob walks us through the Corona HB's appointments and the things that it make different from a standard Strat. These differences include the integral neck, a humbucker in the bridge position, a "Wilkaloid" nut, the laminated plastic pickguard that features a "vintique gold 24 carat" design and the Wilkinson VSV High Performance Vibrato System. The VSV Vibrato system was a pleasant surprise for Bob who admits he's not a fan or regular user of vibrato systems.
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Fret King Guitars-Blue Label & Green Label Series'

April 11, 2009
PG's Chris Burgess is On Location in Frankfurt, Germany, for Musikmesse '09 where he visits the Fret King booth. In this video, Trev Wilkinson (Fret King founder) guides us along a tour of Fret King's series; Blue Label & Green Label. The guitars are said to be based on some of the world's most popular body styles, but have updated and improved appointments to give them that added boost for nearly every player. In addition, these accommodating guitars come with a very reasonable price tag.
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