April 2019



Hovercraft Ionostrofear Review

November 13, 2015
Hovercraft delivers sophistication and menace in this massive-sounding fuzz.
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Hovercraft Amps Unveils the Caribou

September 8, 2015
Production of this completely customized amp will start in the Spring.
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Hovercraft Dwarvenaut 20 and Andromeda KT88 Amplifier Review

August 29, 2012
The Dwarvenaut 20 and the Andromeda KT88 are built—or rebuilt—to achieve tones from the most hallowed names in stoner and doom rock.
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Solid Cables Founder Launches Hovercraft Amps Via Kickstarter

April 16, 2012
Hovercraft amplifiers launches a Kickstarter project to get 55 amps pledge-funded by June 4, 2012.
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