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QuickHit: JamHub Tracker MT16 Review

November 3, 2014
A convenient recording solution for capturing the energy of a live gig.
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JamHub Introduces the Tracker MT16 Multitrack Recorder

June 16, 2014
The Tracker can record up to 16 channels of 24/96 live audio simultaneously.
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Video Review - JamHub TourBus

May 21, 2010
PG's Joe Coffey walks us through his latest review of the JamHub TourBus silent rehearsal studio featured in the June 2010 issue of Premier Guitar. The JamHub TourBus is a silent rehearsal studio that also records onto SD cards. The TourBus has 21 audio channels for up to seven musicians, seven XLR and seven TRS input jacks. The SoleMix features allow each player to create their own mix to be heard inside only their headphones. It has built-in 24-bit stereo effects including reverb, delay and modulation. Also, the TourBus features a metronome.
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JamHub TourBus Review

May 18, 2010
The largest version of JamHub''s silent practice solution, the TourBus, is reviewed.
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