March 2020



Michael Britt Launches It’s Just Bass Profile Pack to Benefit Mama Lere Hearing School

February 11, 2020
The pack features dozens of profiles that were dialed in and road tested by Nashville bassist Steve Cook.
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Korn’s Head and Munky on Coping with Tragedy Through 7-Strings

January 2, 2020
It’s been 25 years since the downtuned guitar duo helped pioneer a sonic path that changed metal. Here they reveal how dealing with the loss of heroes and friends informed their 13th studio album, The Nothing.
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Killswitch Engage: The Jackass & the Nerd

October 24, 2019
Adam D and Joel Stroetzel of Killswitch Engage on Atonement and keeping it fun as BFFs for 25+ years.
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Rig Rundown: Bad Religion

October 23, 2019
What’s more punk rock than dueling, angry P-90s straight into classic Marshalls? Nothing!
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Rig Rundown: Third Eye Blind [2019]

August 21, 2019
Irishman Kryz Reid details additions to his Star Wars family of guitars and why he went from vintage to digital, while Stephan Jenkins’ tech explains why price tags don't matter.
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Kemper Unveils the Profiler Stage

July 22, 2019
The Stage is a complete Profiler that comes loaded with hundreds of amp profiles.
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Kemper Releases Free Profiler OS 6.0 Upgrade

July 16, 2019
The update includes a pair of studio-grade ambient reverbs.
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Rig Rundown: Architects

June 12, 2019
Check out the digital stomps, profiling amps, and modern pickups the U.K. metalcore warriors use to ignite mosh pits across the globe.
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Kemper Unveils the Profiler OS 5.7

March 7, 2019
This new version introduces five new big machine-type reverb algorithms.
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NAMM '19 - Kemper Kabinet Demo

January 27, 2019
Listen to the digital giant's new full-range cab and check out their long-awaited preset editor.
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Kemper Unveils the Profiler Operating System 5.5.2

August 17, 2018
A number of user-driven features have been added including a spring reverb and some new IRs.
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Rig Rundown: Milky Chance

February 14, 2018
The German folk/reggae-rock group gives us a peek at their streamlined setup that combines vintage, offbeat axes with cutting-edge technology.
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Bass Bench: Digital Denial

December 22, 2017
They say variety is the spice of life. But how does this apply to musicians?
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Kemper Releases Free Metal Rig Pack

October 26, 2017
The pack features 50 profiles of the most sought-after guitar amps for metal and rock.
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Rig Rundown: A Day to Remember

October 25, 2017
The adventurous metalcore crew explains how their guitar idols influenced their traditional-meets-digital setups.
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Dr. Z Amplification Releases Official Kemper Amp Profiles

July 10, 2017
Dr. Z has profiled 12 of their lauded amplifier models for release as official profiles for the Kemper Profiling Amp.
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Kemper Releases Free Michael Britt Rig Pack

March 28, 2017
A collection of over 40 high-quality profiles that range from plexi-style crunch to boutique clean amps.
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Kemper Adds New Delay Effects to the Profiler

November 18, 2016
The latest update includes seven new time-based effects with many of the delay types featuring a grit control that adds typical tape saturation and distortion to the wet signal.
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Rig Rundown: Pierce the Veil's Tony Perry

October 19, 2016
The lead guitarist behind the post-hardcore band discusses what specs he likes in his signature ESPs and why he prefers going digital on the road.
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Lethal Metal: Anthrax’s Scott Ian and Jon Donais

February 2, 2016
The 6-string teammates talk soloing strategies, building explosive rhythm chops, signature gear, and the back-to-thrash game plan for the band’s latest, For All Kings.
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