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Red Witch


Red Witch Unveils the Synthotron II

October 2, 2019
The pedal features dual analog synth oscillators, each with its own level, decay, and octave switching.
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Red Witch Pedals Reveals the Fuzz God III

January 10, 2019
64 different fuzz combos in a simple, feature-packed stomp.
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The Year in Gear 2016

November 28, 2016
Come with us, time travelers, as we revisit a year’s worth of axes, amps, stomps, basses, baritones, and other tools of our music-making trade—all deemed worthy of the Premier Gear Award.
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NAMM '16 - Red Witch Zeus Fuzz Suboctave Bass Demo

February 22, 2016
See and hear about Ben Fulton's new bass-friendly fuzz/octave tool. Plus, learn about his new tone workshops.
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Quick Hit: Red Witch Zeus Bass Fuzz Suboctave Review

December 15, 2015
A fuzz/suboctave combo for bassists that’ll scare the paint off the wall.
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Red Witch Unveils the Zeus Bass Fuzz Suboctave

October 1, 2015
A two-in-one pedal with a silicon fuzz and an analog suboctave.
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Red Witch Factotum Suboctave Bass Drive Review

February 2, 2015
A powerful analog suboctave and overdrive for bass.
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Red Witch Synthotron Analog Synth Pedal Review

September 5, 2012
For guitarists who dig the electronic sound of a synthesizer, guitar synth pedals can combine the best of both worlds—the psychedelic glow, glitchiness, and fat tones of a synth’s
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Winter NAMM 2012

February 10, 2012
Editor’s top picks from Anaheim—the cream of the crop in cutting-edge gear.
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NAMM '12 - Red Witch Pedals Synthotron Demo

January 31, 2012
PG's Rich Osweiler is On Location in Anaheim, CA, for the 2012 NAMM Show where he visits the Red Witch Pedals booth. In this segment, we get to see and hear a demo of Red Witch's newest analog guitar pedal -- the Synthotron.
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Red Witch Lily Boost, Grace Compressor, and Ivy Distortion Reviews

December 27, 2011
What’s so cool about having a smart-phone battery in a guitar effect? For starters, they’re rechargeable, which means freedom from unreliable power sources, tangles of wire, and noise from shoddy club wiring.
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Red Witch Ruby Fuzz, Violet Delay, Scarlett Overdrive, and Eve Tremolo Reviews

December 20, 2011
Here we check out the Ruby Fuzz, Violet Delay, and Scarlett Overdrive.
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LA Amp Show '11 - Red Witch Analog Pedals Seven Sisters

November 11, 2011
PG's Charles Saufley is On Location at the 2011 LA Amp Show where he visits the Red Witch Analog Pedals room. In this segment, we get to see and learn more about the new pint-sized line of stompboxes being shipped by Red Witch called the Seven Sisters, which include Delay, Fuzz, Compressor, Overdrive, Distortion, Tremolo, and Boost.
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NAMM '11 - Red Witch Seven Sisters Pedals Demos

February 15, 2011
PG's Charles Saufley is On Location at the 2011 NAMM Show where he visits the Red Witch Analog Pedals where we see and hear demos of their new line of pedals--the Seven Sisters, which is comprised of Tremolo, Boost, OD, Comp, Distortion, Delay, & Fuzz.
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5 Boutique Stompbox Builders You Should Know

October 20, 2010
They’re a little crazy. They’re a little obsessive. And they relentlessly pursue both the tones you crave and those no one’s heard yet. That’s why they’re among the most impressive pedal builders in the world today.
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NAMM '10 - Red Witch Medusa Chorus/Tremolo Demo

February 11, 2010
PG's Rebecca Dirks is On Location in Anaheim, CA, for the 2010 NAMM Show where she swings by the Red Witch Analog Pedals booth. In this segment, we get to check out two of their newest pedal offerings -- the Medusa Chorus/Tremolo and the Titan Delay.

The Medusa is a reissue of a popular pedal first built years ago by Red Witch's creator Ben Fulton. Upon popular demand, they re-released the Medusa which is a Chorus and Tremolo pedal that can work as either or a combination of the two.

The Titan Delay is an analog delay pedal with not one, not two, but three completely independent delay units. The Titan's triumvirate of time tantalizers allows you to create an array of truly unique and original delay sounds. Voiced for the ultimate analog styled sound, the Titan provides three 800m/sec delays. They use the classic analog delay compander to ensure the ultimate recreation of an analog flavored delay, which works hand in hand with their more contemporary delay engines.

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Stomping Grounds: 25 Pedals Reviewed

October 21, 2009
25 pedal reviews to put some womp in your stomp: Fuchs, Whirlwind, Maxon, Barber, T-Rex, Kasha, Rockbox, Granville, Pigtronix, Strymon, EH, Empress, ModTone, Barber, Red Witch, MXR, Pedalworx, Mountainking and Mad Professor
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