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Tools for the Task: Tele-Style Bridges

November 16, 2018
Options abound for Tele-style bridges, but here are 10 to get you thinking about what a swap could do for your guitar.
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Schroeder Amplification Reissues the Blister Agent

June 9, 2017
An extremely hi-fi, limited-edition distortion.
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The Year in Gear 2016

November 28, 2016
Come with us, time travelers, as we revisit a year’s worth of axes, amps, stomps, basses, baritones, and other tools of our music-making trade—all deemed worthy of the Premier Gear Award.
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Schroeder Amplification Announces Online Auction to Benefit Chicago's Haymarket Recovery Center

October 14, 2016
The seven-day online auction will begin on October 17th, 2016 and will be hosted on
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Schroeder Amplification Announces the SA9+, SA9-REC, and Formula 20

July 25, 2016
A trio of new amps with audiophile-grade components.
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Schroeder SA9+ Review

June 8, 2016
Tim Schroeder's spare-no-expense design serves up unreal volume and clean-headroom heaven.
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Schroeder Guitars Introduces the WWII Inspired “GI Guitar”

October 1, 2012
The “GI Guitar” was built to be a believable remnant from the WWII era.
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Schroeder Audio DB7 Amp Review

February 15, 2011
The 45-watt, 6L6-driven amp favored by Wilco''s Nels Cline
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Schroeder Guitar Repair and Custom Building

April 30, 2008
Refret master Tim Schroeder stays busy with all things guitar & amps. We checked out his Chicago shop during a recent Premier Guitar On Location shoot. Check out his Nels Cline custom amp that is currently in development.
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