March 2020



Takamine Factory Tour

January 7, 2020
PG’s Chris Kies treks to Nakatsugawa, Japan, for a first-hand look at how the acoustic-electric pioneers craft their world-renowned flattops.
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The Year in Gear 2019

November 21, 2019
The 60+ guitars, amps, pedals, basses, and accessories that stood out from the crowd and earned our coveted Premier Gear Award this year.
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Rig Rundown: Hozier

April 10, 2019
On the heels of his No. 1 album, Wasteland, Baby!, Irishman Andrew Hozier-Byrne reveals his connection with “alive” hollowbodies—including gas cans—that torch his moody, soulful blend of rock and blues.
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Takamine EF360SC TT Review

February 19, 2019
A torrefied top makes this classy and super-playable Takamine a sweet-sounding alternative to vintage.
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Behemoth’s Adam “Nergal” Darski: Shades of Black

December 6, 2018
The influential extreme-metal frontman on I Loved You at Your Darkest and why flouting the genre’s mores is essential to its survival.
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Rig Rundown: U2's The Edge

July 18, 2018
Strats, Explorers, Les Pauls, AC30s, and a healthy amount of delay help form some of the most iconic tones ever recorded. Famed tech Dallas Schoo walks us through the ins and outs of The Edge’s expansive setup.
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NAMM '18 - Takamine LTD 2018 Gifu-Cho Demo

January 26, 2018
Hear a limited-edition acoustic featuring exotic tonewoods—and a fascinatingly painstaking creation process.
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SNAMM '16 - Takamine EF75M TT Demo

June 25, 2016
Learn about the brands new acoustic that's a reissue with a baked-wood top and Madagascar rosewood.
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NAMM '16 - Takamine CP7MO-TT, EF740FS-TT, EF450C-TT & LTD 2016 Decoy Demos

February 23, 2016
See and hear four new acoustic models that cover a wide gamut.
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Takamine Expands the G Series

May 14, 2014
The four new models include the GN10, GN10CE, GN20CE and GD20CE.
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Takamine Introduces LTD2014 Model

January 7, 2014
The LTD2014 combines a solid Sitka spruce top with a solid flame maple back and flame maple sides.
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Takamine Introduces G-Series Acoustic Line

July 18, 2013
Takamine has redesigned their G Series line of acoustic guitars.
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A Piezo Pioneer

March 11, 2013
Dig into the inner workings of the Takamine PT-007S, one of the earliest—and most successfully integrated—amplified acoustic guitars.
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Review Demo - Takamine Pro Series P3MC Acoustic

February 25, 2013
Read the the review online, in its entirety, for free -- click here.
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NAMM '13 - Takamine Pro Series Models, LTD2013 SE Peak, & LTD2013 Peak

February 14, 2013
PG's Rich Osweiler is on location in Anaheim, California, for the 2013 NAMM Show where he visits the Takamine booth. In this segment, we get to see the Pro Series Models, LTD2013 SE Peak, & LTD2013 Peak.
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Takamine P3MC Acoustic Guitar Review

February 4, 2013
The new Japan-crafted Takamine P3MC is a fine example of how a stage-centric, amplification-oriented acoustic can be forward looking while retaining a lot of vintage-style sound and construction virtues.
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Takamine Introduces the EF250TK Toby Keith Signature Acoustic-Electric Guitar

January 22, 2013
Scottsdale, AZ (January 22, 2013) – Takamine is proud to introduce the new EF250TK Toby Keith Signature acoustic-electric guitar, designed in cooperation with top-selling country music star, Toby Keith,
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Takamine Introduces New Hand-Crafted LTD2013 "Peak" Models

January 15, 2013
This year’s design theme is “Peak”, developed from a perspective of Takamine’s ongoing quest for continuous improvement and a reflection of the summit of the Takamine acoustic experience.
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Takamine Introduces New Hand-Crafted Pro Series 4, 5, 6, and 7 Models

January 10, 2013
Scottsdale, AZ (January 10, 2012) – Takamine is proud to introduce its new Pro Series 4, 5 and 6 acoustic-electric guitars. The eight new steel-string Pro Series models include
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Takamine Introduces the New Pro Series 1, 2, and 3 Acoustic-Electric Guitars

October 1, 2012
Each Pro Series instrument is carefully hand-crafted in the foothills of the Japanese Alps.
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