November 2018



Outlaw Effects Launches the Nomad Pedalboard

September 13, 2018
The board features an integrated rechargeable lithium-ion battery with 12800mAh power capacity.
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Earthboard Unveils Magnetically-Powered Pedalboard

August 2, 2018
The design incorporates rare earth magnets, a steel-rail system, and a long-lasting rechargeable battery.
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SNAMM '18 - IK Multimedia iRig Stomp I/O Demo

July 19, 2018
Check out the power lurking inside the USB pedalboard controller that integrates a professional, high-resolution, MFi-certified audio interface with MIDI input/output.
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Waggi Unveils New Line of Pedalboards

May 8, 2018
The boards feature an integrated cable system and a two-tier design.
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Chemistry Design Werks Releases the Holeyboard ZigZag Modular Pedalboard

April 30, 2018
A modular pedalboard system that allows you to connect the Zig and Zag boards together, in any way you desire, using the Z-Connector.
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RockBoard Unveils the Cinque Pedalboard Line

April 16, 2018
The new models are based on a design that includes one folded cold-rolled aluminum sheet for the board frame and no welded seams.
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RockBoard Unveils New Line of Pedalboards

March 22, 2018
The redesigned boards use only one folded cold-rolled aluminum sheet for the board frame.
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Tonal Tinker Toys: Reader Pedalboards 2018

February 23, 2018
When it comes to pedal puzzles and putting together your dream sound rig, there’s no right way—just your way. Check out these boards from your fellow readers, and be inspired!
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Samba Pedalboards Announces New Lineup

February 23, 2018
Samba Pedalboards, an innovative new brand, today announced the introduction of its Samba pedalboard lineup for guitarists, bassists and other musicians.
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Nexi Industries Announces the Nexi Slim

February 13, 2018
The unit features a built-in DI and the possibility to power pedals.
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Pro Pedalboards 2018

February 6, 2018
Ten of the most intriguing stomp stations from our last year of Rig Rundowns, including Warpaint, Mr. Big, J Mascis, the Fall of Troy, Eric Gales, Silversun Pickups' Nikki Monninger, and Primus' Larry LaLonde.
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Jamboard Introduces the Pro Deluxe Pedalboard

February 6, 2018
The back panel also includes pre-drilled holes to accommodate nearly all types of rackmount-style cable jacks.
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RockBoard Releases Pedalboard Range for 2018

December 15, 2017
The innovative slot-based design works equally well with standard mounting solutions as with the new RockBoard Quick Mount pedal mounting plates.
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Tools for the Task: Pedalboards

September 8, 2017
Ten pedalboards primed to provide a happy home for your growing stompbox family.
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Last Call: My Long, Slow Descent Into Pedal Madness

August 25, 2017
How one guitarist’s effects obsession was born, ran amok, and then conquered. For now.
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SNAMM '17 - Chroma Koda Poly Expressive Demo

August 9, 2017
Watch a run-through of an adventurous new MIDI controller that’s fully programmable and customizable.
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Friedman Amplification Unveils Tour Pro Series Pedalboards

May 4, 2017
The pedalboards are designed with two tiers: a flat bottom section and an angled top section.
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All-Star Pedalboards 2017

February 14, 2017
From classic-rock simplicity to indie-tweaker’s delight: Premier Guitar chronicles the most noteworthy stomp stations from last year’s Rig Rundowns.
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Chemistry Design Werks Unveils the Holeyboard NEXT Series

February 6, 2017
The pedalboards are made of stonewood, an innovative material made from layers of paper infused with a bonding resin under high pressure.
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MONO Introduces New Range of Pedalboards

January 31, 2017
A range of ergonomic, adaptable pedalboards and updates the popular range of Club, Tour and Pro series of cases.
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