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reader boards 2021 homepage

Pedal Alley 2021: Reader Boards

February 22, 2021
The pandemic has brought guitarists lots more time to tinker with tone toys. Here’s what players all over the world have been putting together in their bunkers.
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D'Addario Releases the XPND Expandable Pedalboard

February 4, 2021
The board is available in one- or two-row configurations and lets you instantly change the size of your board.
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Holeyboard Pedalboards

Holeyboard Unveils New Expandable Pedalboard

January 20, 2021
The 123 model is fully customizable and accommodates nearly any power supply.
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10 DIY Patch Cable Kits homepage

10 DIY Patch Kits to Streamline Your Board

December 11, 2020
Scientific fact: The shortest distance between two guitar effects is a custom-length patch cable.
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Morton Pedalboards Introduces Customizable Pedalboard System

November 26, 2020
The system includes 18 unique parts and a standard mounting system so you can build a layout that meets all of your specific needs.
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Rare Earth Music Unveils the New Earthboard EBII

July 2, 2020
A portable pedalboard with an integrated power supply via a magnetic rail system.
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Dressing Up Your Pedalboard homepage

10 Add-Ons to Spruce Up Your Pedalboard

April 10, 2020
From risers to LED tamers, footswitch covers, junction boxes, light systems, and more.
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how to build fly pedalboard - homepage

How to Build a Flight-Friendly Pedalboard

February 17, 2020
It's not as obvious as you might think. Here are the questions you gotta ask when planning your travel rig.
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pedalboards part deux homepage

Your Pedalboards 2020: Part Deux

February 14, 2020
We received so many submissions from readers, we had to do a round two. PG's axe-wielding disciples show us their personal pedal masterpieces.
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Your Pedalboards 2020!

February 4, 2020
PG's axe-wielding disciples show us their personal pedal masterpieces.
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State of the Stomp: Do I Need a Loop Switcher on My Pedalboard?

November 18, 2019
Tone suck or lifesaver? Here’s how to decide if you can bear the cost—both economic and sonic—of this fancy technology.
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Sennheiser homepage

Quick Hit: Sennheiser XSW-D Pedalboard Set Review

November 12, 2019
Unleash yourself from the shackles of cords and roam the stage in style.
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mod stand homepage

Metaldozer Machine Works Introduces the Mod Stand

August 23, 2019
It brings the microphone to a more comfortable position by affixing the mic stand directly to a pedalboard, eliminating the need for traditional mic stand bases.
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RockBoard Expands Line with MOD 5 Module

April 4, 2019
It offers guitarists and bassists six selectable IR-based mono/stereo speaker simulations, with support for user IRs, an active DI, a headphone port, and a micro-USB port.
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Earthboard Introduces the LifeLine

March 8, 2019
This accessory allows you to run multiple Earthboards off a single power supply.
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Pedal Alley 2019: Reader Boards

February 14, 2019
Whether it’s collections of old-school straightforward stomps or elaborate circuits for spacey experimentation, each year we’re blown away by the different pedalboard setups our readers come up with. Here’s a dozen for the tonal takeaway.
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Nexi Industries Introduces the Nexi Bass Pedalboard

January 24, 2019
The board features a built-in tuner with huge display and a 3-step clean boost.
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Nexi Industries Launches the Nexi Electric Powered Pedalboard

January 22, 2019
A powered pedalboard especially voiced for electric guitars that is small enough to fit in a carry-on luggage bag.
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Outlaw Effects

Outlaw Effects Launches the Nomad Pedalboard

September 13, 2018
The board features an integrated rechargeable lithium-ion battery with 12800mAh power capacity.
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Rare Earth

Earthboard Unveils Magnetically-Powered Pedalboard

August 2, 2018
The design incorporates rare earth magnets, a steel-rail system, and a long-lasting rechargeable battery.
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