Pallbearer Forgotten Days Riff Rundown

Riff Rundown: Pallbearer's "Forgotten Days"

October 11, 2020
Devin Holt dissects the doom-y vertebrae in the 7-string spine of the title track from the band's forthcoming album.
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ken susi homepage

Rig Rundown: Unearth's Ken Susi

September 30, 2020
Go inside his impressive tone bunker, fortified with silver 7-string ESP sig models, 21st-century Fishman pickups, and stacks of 5150 and JCM800 disciples.
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Enterprise Earth Gabe Mangold Rig Rundown homepage

Rig Rundown: Enterprise Earth's Gabe Mangold

September 9, 2020
The death-metal nomad welcomes us into his converted-cargo-trailer home/studio to detail his extended-range rumblers and mobile recording setup.
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gear gods - homepage

Rig Rundown: Gear Gods' Trey Xavier

May 13, 2020
This YouTuber gives the 411 on headless hellraisers, his favorite amp of all time, and the small rack that houses his band's entire live rig.
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Kiesel Guitars Introduces the Type-X Series

December 4, 2019
All of the new models will be available in 6-, 7-, and 8-string versions along with the option for multiscale.
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Strandberg Introduces the Boden Metal Sarah Longfield Edition

August 1, 2019
Based on the popular Metal model, the guitars feature a chambered basswood body with a maple top and roasted maple neck with and ebony fretboard for a full yet punchy and cutting acoustic tonal character.
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Aristides Debuts Raw Series Guitars

April 25, 2019
The new lineup of guitars aim to give players the same quality and design, but with a simple and rugged finish process that lowers price while also decreasing build time.
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Solar Guitars

Solar Guitars Announces New BOP Artist LTD Signature Models

July 3, 2018
The new models feature a solid swamp ash body with a black open pore finish, EverTune bridge, and Grover locking tuners.
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NAMM '18 - ESP LTD M-1007MS Demo

January 26, 2018
Take a listen to the company's first 7-string, multi-scale monster, which comes loaded with custom-designed Seymour Duncan pickups.
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Cort Expands its KX Series With the 7-string KX500FF

January 22, 2018
The guitars' fanned frets provide a 25.5" to 27" multiscale neck.
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Ormsby Guitars Unveils the Goliath GTR

January 19, 2018
An ergonomic design that comes in 6-, 7-, and 8-string flavors.
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PRS Unveils 2018 SE Series

November 7, 2017
For 2018, there is a striking new finish, extended range tweaks, an artist addition, a refinement of the SE Standard family, and PRS’s flagship guitar is adding a new look and a left-handed version.
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NAMM '17 - Michael Kelly Guitars 507 7-String Demo

February 22, 2017
Check out a traditional take on an extended-range instrument.
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NAMM '17 - Mayones Hydra and Custom 35th Anniversary Model Demos

February 12, 2017
The boutique Polish builders debut a headless design and a celebratory “super strat,” both with mind-boggling workmanship.
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SNAMM '16 - Jackson Guitars Scott Ian King V KVT, SLAT7-FF, & SLAT8-FF Demos

July 20, 2016
Learn about some new extended-range instruments and get the scoop on the new signature axe for Anthrax's head thrasher.
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Ibanez Fortifies Iron Label Line with S Series Models

July 15, 2016
Ibanez expands with two new 6-string guitars and one new 7-string model.
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SNAMM '16 - Michael Tobias Design AG6 Synth and Rubicon 7-String Demos

July 4, 2016
Luthier Michael Tobias dips his toe into the 7-string arena and brings an ultra-versatile bass that can go from traditional low-end tones, to synth, and even guitar, in a flash.
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Kiesel Guitars Unveils the Aries AM6 and Aries AM7

December 1, 2015
The Aries Multiscale Series features an aggressively beveled body with sculpted horns.
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Jericho Guitars Releases New Avenger 7 Pro Series Seven-String Electric Guitar

October 27, 2015
A bridge between standard scale and a baritone.
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Kiesel Guitars Announces the Aries A6 and Aries A7

September 21, 2015
The series features an aggressively beveled body, reminiscent of the popular SCB Series, providing modern looks with comfortable playing.
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