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Concepts and Techniques


Concepts and Techniques: Jim Hall

June 27, 2013
Dig into some of the soloing and comping techniques used by jazz master Jim Hall.
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Brad Paisley: Concepts and Techniques

January 30, 2013
Playing a pink Paisley Tele through vintage amps with multiple delays, Paisley has re-ignited country soloing. By combining wide intervals and chromaticism with pizzazz, he has enticed us to pry at how he’s pulling it off.
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That Can Be Arranged: Inspiration and Space

February 3, 2011
Bill Piburn discusses the development of his piece, "The Price," and the use of space
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That Can Be Arranged: Trick or Tune

October 28, 2010
A new tune from Bill Piburn inspired by a haunted piano
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