November 2019



GALLERY: Newport Folk Festival 2013

August 2, 2013
Highlights from this year's folk fest include Jim James, the Lumineers, the Avett Brothers, and more.
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Remembering Richie Havens: 1941-2013

April 22, 2013
His spirited renditions of “Handsome Johnny” and “Freedom” united the sounds of folk and soul music in a way no one had heard before and literally brought the Woodstock crowd to its feet.
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Album Review: Ivan & Alyosha - "All the Times We Had"

February 4, 2013
Ivan & Alyosha All the Times We Had Missing Piece/Dualtone Music Group Probably best known for hometown hero Jimi Hendrix and the birthplace of a particular music movement that got
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Eric Bibb & Habib Koite: Bonded by Rhythm

February 4, 2013
Raised in two vastly different cultures, Eric Bibb and Habib Koité celebrate their harmonic common ground, proving that music has no borders.
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Album Review: Prester John - "Rise O' Fainthearted Girls"

April 6, 2012
Underground guitar hero Shawn Persinger and mandolinist David Miller, both remarkable instrumentalists and engaging singers.
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Ani DiFranco: History on Her Side

January 4, 2012
DIY acoustic icon Ani DiFranco reveals how her new Magnatone tremolo addiction, Americana legend Pete Seeger, and her newfound ability to relax inspired the album of her career
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CD Review: Tom Morello: The Nightwatchman - "World Wide Rebel Songs"

August 16, 2011
Thankfully, on his third solo album World Wide Rebel Songs, The Nightwatchman (Morello’s acoustic Johnny-Cash-meets-Che-Guevara alter ego) embraces his amplified roots and tracks with his touring band, the Freedom Fighter Orchestra.
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CD Review: The Wooden Birds - "Two Matchsticks"

June 14, 2011
This record draws on rich and dynamic folk rock with subtle backing beats, all held together with hypnotic crooning by Andrew Kenny and other members of the band.
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