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Rombo Unveils Eco-Black Range Guitar Picks

November 13, 2019
The picks are made entirely of recycled waste.
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Tone Tips: Different Picks for Different Licks

August 16, 2019
Switching picks is the fastest and easiest way to switch up your tone and attack.
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D’Addario Accessories Launches the Beatles Yellow Submarine 50th Anniversary Collection

October 2, 2018
As a celebration of the animated movie, the company will release a guitar strap and pick collection that features art from the movie.
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Tuning Up: Fingertip Trips & the Rule of the Thumb

November 8, 2017
How exploring guitardom’s least-talked-about picking technique can humanize your playing and open vast new vistas in your repertoire.
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D'Addario Announces Tool Kits and Keith Urban Signature Picks

September 27, 2017
Each case contains individual component compartments, pockets for extra strings (not included), and magnet to hold screws, nuts, washers, and other hardware pieces.
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D’Addario Accessories Launches Acrylux Picks and New Straps

June 5, 2017
The new picks are available in two different blends, Reso and Nitra, which offer two distinct tones.
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The (Surprisingly Long) History of the Guitar Pick

February 23, 2017
Guitar-like instruments played with some sort of plectrum have existed for centuries, but nearly 100 years ago plectrum innovations sparked a tone and technique revolution.
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Timber Tones Presents Sun Tones

November 18, 2016
The handsanded and handwaxed picks are made from offcuts of ebony and chestnut—fine tonewoods that are taken from offcuts from guitar manufacturing.
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Iron Age Guitar Accessories Announces Agate Stone Picks

August 12, 2016
The picks are available in both Jazz3 and Standard shapes.
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Tools for the Task: Alternative Material Picks

June 10, 2016
No dis on plastic, but there are many more ways to skin a pick.
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Gravity Picks Unveils the Gold Series

May 1, 2015
The picks are made of wear-resistant, high-grade thermoplastic.
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Dunlop Releases the Herco Vintage '66 Series

March 4, 2015
A stash of vintage Herco picks led to the launch of the Vintage series.
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Dunlop Expands Primetone Sculpted Plectra Line of Picks

February 25, 2015
The classic Jazz III and Small-Tri shapes are now available.
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Riversong Guitars Unveils Wooden Guitar Picks

November 5, 2014
The picks are created with domestic and accessible woods.
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Pykmax Releases J Series Picks

November 3, 2014
The picks are currently available in two right-handed body sizes.
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Timber Tones Releases Groove Tones

September 10, 2013
Timber Tones have added two new lines to their catalog—Groove Tones and Groove Tones Mini
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Dunlop Introduces the John Petrucci Signature Jazz III Pick

November 1, 2012
The pick is crafted to John’s exact specifications.
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GALLERY: Guitar Picks of the Stars

May 23, 2012
See a sampling of picks used by famous guitarists over the years.
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How to Pick your Pick

May 11, 2012
The material, thickness, texture, and shape of that pick have an outsized impact not only on the sound we create, but also on our phrasing and articulation.
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Rotosound Releases New Guitar Picks

February 16, 2012
Studio City, CA (February 16, 2012) - Rotosound is announcing over forty new Guitar Picks to its selection of guitar accessories. The guitar picks come in packs of six
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