November 2018



Tools for the Task: Recording Interfaces

October 22, 2018
If a song or riff idea was played but not recorded, did it really happen?
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Orange Amplification Introduces the OMEC Teleport

April 26, 2018
A studio-quality USB recording interface inside a guitar pedal.
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IK Multimedia Unveils the iRig Stomp I/O Pedalboard

April 13, 2018
A portable pedalboard controller that has four built-in switches along with a high-definition audio interface.
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Universal Audio Launches the Arrow Desktop Audio Interface

February 8, 2018
A lightweight 2x4, bus-powered, Thunderbolt 3 audio interface.
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Melo Audio Introduces the Tone Shifter Mega

January 23, 2018
Two accessories in one: a guitar pedal-style MIDI controller and a studio quality audio interface for iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC.
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Roland Unveils Line of Rubix Audio Interfaces

October 24, 2017
A portable 2-in/2-out interface with dual mic preamps.
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Focusrite Announces the 2x2 Dante Interface

September 21, 2017
The two digitally-controlled Red Evolution mic pres provide plenty of ultra-clean gain along with stereo linking, individual phantom power, a high-pass filter, and phase reverse.
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Tascam Introduces the US-1x2 Interface

September 5, 2017
A highly portable interface for under $100.
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Universal Audio Apollo Twin MkII Review

April 20, 2017
Get the meaty deets on an interface whose latency is so absurdly low that it feels like playing through hardware.
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Universal Audio Introduces the Apollo Twin MkII

January 19, 2017
This next-generation version of the popular desktop recording interface for Mac and Windows brings even more features and functions to the table.
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IK Multimedia Announces iRig HD 2

September 15, 2016
A pro digital guitar interface for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and PC.
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Scott Eric Olivier Unveils the PEDALpUNK!

February 11, 2016
Use any analog device, such as guitar effects pedals, to interact with computers without any quality loss.
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Tone Shifter Announces the Tone Shifter 3 Interface

January 21, 2016
The interface has a combined MIDI controller so you can switch tones without any latency.
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Sonoma WireWorks Unveils the GuitarJack Stage and StudioJack Mini

December 21, 2015
Musicians can record, practice, and play live anywhere with a computer or mobile device using popular audio software.
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Recording Roundup 2016

November 30, 2015
There’s never been a better time to record guitar. Here’s a look at the newest toys out there.
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IK Multimedia Introduces the iRig Acoustic

November 13, 2015
A clip-on acoustic guitar microphone/interface for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac and Android.
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IK Multimedia Releases the iRig Pro Duo

October 29, 2015
A high-definition dual-channel mobile audio and MIDI interface for iPhone/iPad, Mac/PC and Android devices.
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TASCAM Introduces the Trackpack 4x4

October 12, 2015
A 4-in/4-out USB interface with four Ultra-HDDA mic preamps.
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IK Multimedia Releases the iRig UA

June 5, 2015
A universal guitar interface and processor for all Android devices.
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IK Multimedia Releases iRig 2

March 18, 2015
The new upgrade offers better sound quality and more universal compatibility.
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