TASCAM Debuts the US-HR Series High Resolution USB Audio Interfaces

December 17, 2020
Consisting of three models—the US-1x2HR, the US-2x2HR, and the US-4x4HR—these three new audio interfaces incorporate 24-bit/192kHz audio performance, ultra-low latency, and Ultra-HDDA mic preamplifiers with +48V phantom power.
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Avid Introduces the Carbon Audio Interface

November 17, 2020
A brand-new interface that features a hybrid production system.
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IK Multimedia AXE I/O Solo Demo - PG Gear Spotlight

September 14, 2020
The digital-recording outfit's latest features a Rupert Neve-designed preamp, a Z-Tone impedance-adapting circuit for transforming your guitar's voice from single-coil-like to humbucker-esque (or vice versa), and Amp Out jack, and a host of free software, including AmpliTube 4 Deluxe.
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10 Recording Interfaces for Every Budget

September 3, 2020
You've got your guitar tone nailed, now you gotta figure out a way to get it into your preferred DAW....
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Steinberg UR-RT4 and Cubase 10.5 Demos - PG Gear Spotlight

July 29, 2020
Take a look at a powerful new USB interface loaded with Rupert Neve-designed transformers and new guitar-centric features in Cubase.
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IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia Releases the Z-Tone Buffer Boost Pedal, Axe I/O Solo, and AmpliTube Joe Satriani

February 7, 2020
The Axe I/O Solo is a compact 2-in/3-out USB audio interface that features IK’s Pure microphone preamp.
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Teisco Distortion, Overdrive & Digital Interface Demos | NAMM 2020

January 18, 2020
Three new stomps boast cascading gain, old-school drive, and convenient performance and recording flexibility.
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Focusrite Launches Scarlett 3rd Generation Range

July 29, 2019
Featuring six configurations of ins and outs with the best performing Scarlett mic preamps the range has ever heard, now with Air, high headroom instrument inputs, and high-performance converters.
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Audient Sono Review

July 14, 2019
A recording interface packed with guitar-friendly features.
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NAMM '19 - Boss Waza Tube Amp Expander Demo

January 27, 2019
See (and hear) how your stage and studio lives could get a whole lot easier with this IR-loading, variable reactive-load box/recording interface.
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NAMM '19 - IK Multimedia Axe I/O Demo

January 27, 2019
The recording gurus give us a look at their compact new guitar-centric interface.
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IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia Unveils the Axe I/O Interface

January 17, 2019
It offers guitar-centric features such as adjustable impedance, streamlined re-amplification functions, and a variety of instrument input circuits.
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Audient Introduces the Sono Amp Modeling Interface

January 14, 2019
The interface features an onboard 12AX7 analog tube and 3-band tone control alongside Twonotes Torpedo power amp modeling and cab simulation.
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Tools for the Task: Recording Interfaces

October 22, 2018
If a song or riff idea was played but not recorded, did it really happen?
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Orange Amps

Orange Amplification Introduces the OMEC Teleport

April 26, 2018
A studio-quality USB recording interface inside a guitar pedal.
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IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia Unveils the iRig Stomp I/O Pedalboard

April 13, 2018
A portable pedalboard controller that has four built-in switches along with a high-definition audio interface.
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Universal Audio

Universal Audio Launches the Arrow Desktop Audio Interface

February 8, 2018
A lightweight 2x4, bus-powered, Thunderbolt 3 audio interface.
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Melo Audio

Melo Audio Introduces the Tone Shifter Mega

January 23, 2018
Two accessories in one: a guitar pedal-style MIDI controller and a studio quality audio interface for iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC.
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Roland Unveils Line of Rubix Audio Interfaces

October 24, 2017
A portable 2-in/2-out interface with dual mic preamps.
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Focusrite Announces the 2x2 Dante Interface

September 21, 2017
The two digitally-controlled Red Evolution mic pres provide plenty of ultra-clean gain along with stereo linking, individual phantom power, a high-pass filter, and phase reverse.
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