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IK Multimedia AXE I/O Solo Demo - PG Gear Spotlight

September 14, 2020
The digital-recording outfit's latest features a Rupert Neve-designed preamp, a Z-Tone impedance-adapting circuit for transforming your guitar's voice from single-coil-like to humbucker-esque (or vice versa), and Amp Out jack, and a host of free software, including AmpliTube 4 Deluxe.
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Steinberg UR-RT4 and Cubase 10.5 Demos - PG Gear Spotlight

July 29, 2020
Take a look at a powerful new USB interface loaded with Rupert Neve-designed transformers and new guitar-centric features in Cubase.
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NAMM '19 - IK Multimedia Axe I/O Demo

January 27, 2019
The recording gurus give us a look at their compact new guitar-centric interface.
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Mod Devices

MOD Devices Releases the Onyx Amp and GxCreamMachine

January 22, 2019
The Onyx Amp and MOD Cabinets are available for free for MOD users.
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Positive Grid

Positive Grid Releases BIAS FX Mobile Universal for iPhone and iPad

October 16, 2018
The BIAS FX mobile app will come stocked with two free amps and eight effects with 6 factory presets.
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Positive Grid

Positive Grid Unveils BIAS Amp 2 Mobile

June 15, 2018
The new version offers the very same features and updates that are included in the desktop version, including a new user interface, amp packs, tubes, transformers, tone stacks, and multi-mic speaker cabinets.
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Positive Grid

Positive Grid Announces BIAS Amp 2

January 30, 2018
A host of new features and a partnership with Celestion offer guitarists complete tone control.
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Kemper Releases Free Metal Rig Pack

October 26, 2017
The pack features 50 profiles of the most sought-after guitar amps for metal and rock.
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Dr Z

Dr. Z Amplification Releases Official Kemper Amp Profiles

July 10, 2017
Dr. Z has profiled 12 of their lauded amplifier models for release as official profiles for the Kemper Profiling Amp.
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TC Electronic

TC Electronic Introduces the Vintage Guitar Pedal Bundle

May 16, 2017
The bundle includes the Stereo Chorus Flanger, Booster, Dual EQ, Sustainer, and XII Phaser.
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Universal Audio Apollo Twin MkII Review

April 20, 2017
Get the meaty deets on an interface whose latency is so absurdly low that it feels like playing through hardware.
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IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia Introduces Fulltone Guitar & Bass Effects Collection for AmpliTube

March 16, 2017
A collaboration with the legendary Californian boutique sound manufacturer.
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IK Multimedia

Quick Hit: IK Multimedia Fender Collection 2 Review

February 2, 2017
This virtual collection of vintage amps is a real champ.
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IK Multimedie

IK Multimedia and Fender Announce Fender Collection 2 for AmpliTube

December 5, 2016
The collection features seven of Fender’s most sought-after vintage amplifiers and reissues.
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Ik Multimedia

IK Multimedia Announces MODO Bass

October 19, 2016
A completely customizable physically modeled virtual bass for Mac and PC.
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BandLab Releases Version 3.0

August 2, 2016
A cloud-based app where users can create, collaborate, and share their music.
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Positive Grid Unveils the BIAS Rack

August 1, 2016
A rackmountable, travel-ready version of the BIAS Head amplifier.
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Positive Grid

Positive Grid Unveils BIAS Amp Standalone

June 15, 2016
It allows users to virtually design their own amp component by component and Amp Match any real amp in the world to accurately capture its tone
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Recording: Going Mobile

March 28, 2016
Configured with the right accessories and apps, today’s smartphones, tablets, and laptops let you track virtually anywhere you happen to be. Here’s what you need to know.
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Decoding Modern MIDI Guitar

February 25, 2016
New technologies make it easier than ever to access electronic sounds from your fretboard.
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