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Shifting Gears


Shifting Gear: Patch Cable Considerations

February 15, 2011
Whether you call it a lead, a cord, or a cable, that shielded wire that links your guitar to your amp—and your music to your audience—is a vital link in your tone chain.
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Tips on Soloing

January 17, 2011
It’s well and fine to have a bag of tricky, fast licks that will impress other guitarists (and, of course, the ladies), but it’s a whole other deal to use that flash and technique while playing something people actually want to hear.
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Our Unbreakable Connection to B.B., Scotty, and Keith

November 16, 2010
As everything else progresses, we''re still using the same equipment of our predecessors
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Going for More Natural Tone Without Compression

October 20, 2010
Weaning off of compression and reaping the benefits
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Goodbye to Old, Outdated Gear

September 21, 2010
Refreshing your rig
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Sitting in with Tim McGraw Sideman Darren Smith

August 17, 2010
Tim McGraw''s guitarist talks to Rich about his career and his gear.
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When Disaster Strikes

July 20, 2010
Rich Eckhardt details the gear he lost (and recovered) in the Nashville floods
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Take Your Pick: Crafting Acoustic Variety with Your Hands

June 16, 2010
Changing up your sound by changing up your picking
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It’s All in the Dynamics: How to Be a Great Solo Accompanist

May 18, 2010
How to accompany a singer without drowning them out.
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Build It and They Will Come

April 15, 2010
Sorting through old stompboxes to build a new board
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Recording at Home

March 11, 2010
Rich shares first-hand experience for optimizing your home recordings
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Sweet As Honey

February 11, 2010
Finding a gem in a far off land
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It’s Time for the K4

January 14, 2010
Taylor''s K4 preamp is a tool for the gigging acoustic player
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Gearing Up For Europe

December 17, 2009
How Rick Eckhardt plans his rig for a European tour
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Sharing the Stage with Brian Wooten

November 18, 2009
Rich talks with Trace Adkins guitarist Brian Wooten
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Sharing the Stage with Mark Gillespie

October 21, 2009
Rich Eckhard talks with top Nashville picker Mark Gillespe of Trace Adkins'' band.
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The Word of the Day is Hybrid

September 18, 2009
Doing double duty with an acoustic-electric
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You Know Him as T.B. Player

August 19, 2009
Recognizing the legend that is James Jamerson
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Television: the True Final Frontier

July 22, 2009
Some tips for playing on TV, so that you''ll be ready when your big break comes.
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