March 2020

Tech Tales


On the Road with Clapton

March 12, 2013
Eric Clapton’s former guitar tech recounts four intimate highlights of his 30-year career with Slowhand.
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Tech Tales: Soothing Single-Coils

October 28, 2010
Swap a cap or a cable to tame the treble on your Tele
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Tech Tales: Packing Your Guitar for Air Travel

September 28, 2010
The ideal--and less ideal--ways to protect your instrument on an airplane
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Sanding Your Guitar Neck for a Smoother Feel

August 24, 2010
Sanding down the finish and sealing the wood to get a nice, smooth bare wood feel on your neck
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Humidity Hassles

July 29, 2010
Tips for dealing with humidity in summer outdoor shows.
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Brad Paisley's Flooded Gear: The Aftermath

June 23, 2010
Chad Weaver gets the show back on the road despite losing nearly everything in the floods
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Brad Paisley's Flooded Gear

May 26, 2010
Chad Weaver shares photos of Brad''s flooded rig as he rushes to rebuild
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How Many Amps Are Enough?

April 22, 2010
Do you stockpile amps for every occasion? Do you channel-switch between several amps to get the right tone for every song in the setlist? Do you use a single, versatile amp for everything and call it done?
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Getting Back In-Phase

March 18, 2010
What''s in-phase and out-of-phase, and how do you get your amps back in-phase? Chad explains.
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Precision Neck Adjustment: A Simple Method for Consistency

February 17, 2010
Stop adjusting by sight and use this method to make it the same every time.
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15 Rules of Backstage Access

January 29, 2010
How to act, how not to act, how to keep from making a fool of yourself and how to get asked to come back again.
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A DIY Tool for Tuning in Loud Environments

December 22, 2009
Stress no more about tuning acoustic guitars in loud venues. You can make this tool with extra parts you have lying around.
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Front to Back with Brad Paisley's Rig

October 30, 2009
Chad Weaver explains the full rig Brad Paisley uses on the road
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Becoming a Guitar Tech

September 24, 2009
Brad Paisley''s guitar tech shares his journey to backstage, and a typical show''s duties.
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