January 2019

Tuning Up

Premier Guitar Editor-in-Chief Shawn Hammond imparts his unique perspective on what it means to be a guitar player in his monthly Tuning Up blog.


Tuning Up: The Scarlet Letter of Artifice

January 4, 2019
The perils of the “fake it till you make it” mentality in music.
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Tuning Up: The Vintage Legitimization Myth

December 5, 2018
Why do we love the lusted-after gear of yore? It’s a lot more complicated than we’d like to think.
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Tuning Up: The (Half-Facetious) Secret to Staying Young … -ish

November 1, 2018
How to rewire our inborn tendencies toward musical myopia.
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Tuning Up: Get out of Your Tone Lab, Poindexter

October 3, 2018
Sometimes the Information Age + the Golden Age of Gear simply adds up to … bluuuuuuuuuuurgh.
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Tuning Up: Pedal Issues

September 18, 2018
PG’s head honcho gets all teary-eyed about the stomps whose tones have lodged in his head from years of gear reviews.
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Tuning Up: Judgment in the Garden of Musical Delights

August 7, 2018
In the backseat of a German cab, pedantics and rock ’n’ roll attitude collide in a Twilight Zone-meets-Godfather showdown.
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Tuning Up: The Woebegone Wanker Watch™

July 8, 2018
To get YOUR totally badass, regret-obliterating timepiece, simply call 1-800-SAD-SACK—today!
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Tuning Up: Silencing the Demons

June 6, 2018
Prog pioneers, two Neils, and PG’s Shawn Hammond on fighting impostor syndrome.
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Tuning Up: “Hi, Please Throw Away My New Album”

May 9, 2018
Eight reasons why your music might not be getting the attention you crave.
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Tuning Up: A Chord, Perhaps, Mr. Creosote?

April 19, 2018
How guitarists are like the most disgusting character in Monty Python’s history.
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Tuning Up: The Transformational Reverb Sandwich

March 19, 2018
Signal-chain placement can make or break a lot more than just your fuzz or wah pedals.
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Tuning Up: Mattress Practice (Not As Tawdry As It Sounds)

February 8, 2018
How mental woodshedding can lead to better tones, riffs, songs, and … sleep?
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Tuning Up: My Rigs by Decade

January 9, 2018
Inspired by our recent “Quintessential Rock Rigs by Decade” feature, PG’s head honcho reminisces about the rigs that epitomize his guitar-playing years.
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Tuning Up: Bullsh*t Soundscapists vs. True-Blue Bloozmeisters

November 26, 2017
Get ready to enter the flag-waving purist’s No Spin Zone—where fired-up traditionalists stick it to insulting shoegazers!
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Tuning Up: Fingertip Trips & the Rule of the Thumb

November 8, 2017
How exploring guitardom’s least-talked-about picking technique can humanize your playing and open vast new vistas in your repertoire.
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Tuning Up: Junkie Medicine for Sad Sacks & Mofos

October 15, 2017
A shred god’s snide declaration sets off PG’s editorial director (again) and gets him ruminating on what unites the unwashed guitar masses.
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Tuning Up: The Joy of Contrarianism

September 18, 2017
Next time you write a riff, lead, or progression, ask yourself, “Is this how everyone else would play it?”
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Tuning Up: Small Thoughts in a Big World

August 14, 2017
PG’s Shawn Hammond shares how a random song and a chance encounter at Summer NAMM cut through the bullsh*t and helped reset his musical outlook (again).
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Tuning Up: 3 Muslim Girls More Metal Than You

June 16, 2017
Witness Voice of Baceprot—three hijab-banging Indonesian teens staring down death threats and opening minds across Southeast Asia.
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Tuning Up: Chris Cornell and the Shadow on the Sun

May 18, 2017
"The only thing that stopped his inarticulate infant screams of 'Get me the fuck out of this car!' was playing Audioslave’s hypnotically soothing 'I Am the Highway,' over and over again for the last hour [of the drive]."
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