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The Hype's Hype Ain't Just Hype

July 13, 2020
No knobs? No Problem! This boost delivers scads of gain, color, and dynamic control. The PG Daredevil Pedals Hype review.
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Daredevil Releases the Hype

April 7, 2020
A knob-free FET boost.
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Rig Rundown: Sleep

July 24, 2019
The sultan of sludge illustrates that his first band is a shuttle for sonic exploration launching into orbit on the backs of triple-humbucker guitars, a sierra of Oranges, and two boards the size of Cape Canaveral.
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Daredevil Bootleg Dirty Delay Review

May 15, 2019
Filthy delays—when regular analog dirt just won’t do.
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First Look: Daredevil Bootleg Dirty Delay

March 14, 2019
Hear how Chicago's Jonny Wator uses a Princeton 2399 IC digital chip to reproduce an analog-voiced echo machine dripping with pleasantly nasty repeats.
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Daredevil Pedals

Daredevil Releases the Bootleg Dirty Delay

January 10, 2019
An analog lo-fi tape-style delay with an added dirt circuit.
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Rig Rundown: Monster Magnet

November 14, 2018
The "space lords" take time for a pit stop with us to cover the everyman Gibsons, scorching Marshalls, and nasty fuzzes that ignite their psychedelic orbit.
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Matt Pike: Chug, Punch, and Sustain

November 8, 2018
The patient riffer of darkness reveals the sonics secrets—and head space—that drive his bands Sleep and High on Fire.
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Daredevil Pedals Releases the Atomic Cock V2

October 8, 2018
A smaller-sized version of the company's take on a cocked wah sound.
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Daredevil Pedals

Daredevil Pedals Releases the Earl Slick Daisho

June 28, 2018
The pedal boasts an original fuzz circuit, independent octave up, and an optional noise gate.
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NAMM '18 - Daredevil Almighty Bass Demo

January 26, 2018
An entirely original design aimed at bassists who love a gnarly fuzz.
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Daredevil Pedals

Daredevil Debuts the Almighty Bass Fuzz

January 17, 2018
An original design with a mid-contour tone stack.
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Reverend Guitars

Reverend Guitars, Daredevil Pedals, and Souldier Straps Collaborate on the Ron Asheton Legacy Fun Pack

November 23, 2017
A 3-pickup korina V, a handwired germanium Ron Asheton Real Cool Fuzz, and an orange-striped strap that combines to honor the Stooges axeman.
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Daredevil Pedals

Daredevil Releases the Cocked & Fearless

July 27, 2017
The pedal blends the cocked-wah signal into the two-channel gain stage.
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SNAMM '17 - Daredevil Pedals Cocked and Fearless Demo

July 14, 2017
The Chicago rocker Johnny Wator combines two of his most popular circuits for a dynamic package of dirt and fixed-wah tones.
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GALLERY: Summer NAMM 2017 Day 1

July 13, 2017
Dig into the details of new gear from Martin, ValveTrain, Big Ear N.Y.C, Prestige, and more!
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Daredevil Red Light District Review

February 9, 2017
You can tease high- or low-gain delights from Daredevil’s latest dirt machine.
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NAMM '17 - Daredevil Pedals Super Nova and The Chicago Way Demos

January 21, 2017
Get a taste of two new supercharged dirtboxes.
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SNAMM '16 - Daredevil Pedals Fearless & Red Light District Demos

June 29, 2016
Johnny Wator shows off a pair of flexible dirtboxes that go from Ms. Priss to gnarly in a heartbeat.
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SNAMM 2016

Summer NAMM 2016: Editors' Picks – Day 1

June 23, 2016
Read about the best guitars, amps, effects, and gizmos the editors dug during the first jam-packed day of NAMM.
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