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Gear History


Kawai Kimberly Deluxe Photo-homepage

Four ’Foils Fit for Fuzz

February 23, 2021
This 4-pickup Kawai Kimberly Deluxe carried the torch into the ’70s for players wanting a space-age axe.
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1965 Super Reverb homepage

Meet My 1965 Super Reverb—The Greatest Amp I've Ever Played

February 21, 2021
Our columnist shares a love story about his longtime passion for the 1965 heavyweight that’s his No. 1.
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Esoterica Electrica Headstock Angle March 2021 homepage

Pros & Cons of Pitched Vs. Straight Headstocks

February 17, 2021
Boutique luthier Jol Dantzig (cofounder of Hamer Guitars) examines the potential perils of different headstock angles and the balance between performance and ease of construction.
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1967 Hofner 500/1 violin bass homepage

The Walrus Was Paul

February 7, 2021
The Hofner 500/1 violin bass has been McCartney’s career-long sidekick. Let’s spotlight a 1967 model.
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A Different Kind of Dutch Thunder homepage

A Different Kind of Dutch Thunder

January 31, 2021
A groovy triple-pickup solidbody from Holland, by a company responsible for equipping countless aspiring rockers in 1960s Europe.
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Mato Nanji Fender 75 homepage

Loud, Fat, and Flat-Out Awesome

January 25, 2021
How Indigenous’ Mato Nanji gets roaring Hendrix-inspired tones from his Fender 75s.
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What Really Makes an Instrument a Best Friend? homepage

What Really Makes an Instrument a Best Friend?

January 20, 2021
The difference between a good guitar and a great guitar is subjective, but it goes way beyond tone and aesthetics.
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1964 Gibson SG Custom homepage

Gleaming White 3-Pickup Dynamite

January 10, 2021
Power and elegance on a diet: a 1965 Gibson SG Custom.
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Vintage National Guitar Photo homepage

Reader Guitar of the Month: A National Treasure

January 7, 2021
A reader strikes gold when his mom finds a rare 1955 Town and Country for $40 at a garage sale.
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Wizard of Odd Teisco homepage

Could “Eruption” Have Been Conceived on a Teisco?

January 4, 2021
This ’60s solidbody is exceptionally cool, but knowing it’s the same model Sir Edward started out on makes it much cooler.
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Esoterica Electrica Chambered Body Electric Guitar homepage

Weighing In on Body Density

December 28, 2020
To chamber or not to chamber—and is a heavier guitar really heavier?
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Acoustic Sounboard Folk Revival Martin D-28-homepage

Has the Pandemic Sparked the 21st Century Folk Revival?

December 21, 2020
With off-the-charts numbers of folks playing guitar, and buying them as soon as they hit the shelves, these days have hints of yesteryear.
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Vintage Vault-Micro Frets Stage II homepage

Micro-Frets Stage II—Rare American Vintage

December 20, 2020
This semi-hollow from 1971 features a distinctive build and clean, spanking P-90 tones.
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Wizard of Odd Eko homepage

A ’60s Solidbody That Would Make Sergio Leone Smile

December 14, 2020
This fistful of Eko hails from the land of spaghetti westerns.
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1961 Supro Vintage Vault

A ’61 Supro That’s Super for Slide

November 22, 2020
This original archtop Coronado’s Vistatone pickups speak the language of Ry Cooder and other tone hounds.
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Wizard of Odd Murph Guitar homepage

Meet Murph, My Surf-Rock Friend

November 16, 2020
SoCal in the ’60s was a hotbed of guitar building, but it wasn’t just the big guys equipping aspiring rock stars.
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Esoterica Electrica November 2020 homepage2

Logo Advice from a Living Legend

November 8, 2020
For starters, says Hamer Guitars cofounder Jol Dantzig, avoid stock typeface at all costs.
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Spotlighting a Rare Gibson 6-String Bass homepage

The World's Doomiest SG?

October 25, 2020
Cue metal music for this two-pickup 1962 Gibson EB-6 bass—one of just 68 in existence.
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Love & Sockets Fantastic Negrito homepage

"I Don't Have Any Regular Settings"

October 16, 2020
Fantastic Negrito on the “freaky” Orange amp with as many moods as his Grammy-winning tunes.
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Oct20Wizard of Odd Valco Custom Kraft homepage

How Could Guitars with Names Like These Not Be Amazing?

October 8, 2020
Meet the Custom Kraft Beat Blaster, Agitator, Bone Buzzer, and Groover!
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