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Tubes FEAT2

Power Trip: A Guide to Power Tubes and Their Signature Sounds

July 2, 2015
Whether you’re shopping for a new amp or trying to coax different tones from one you’ve got, this comprehensive look at power tubes and their sonic traits is essential reading.
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MI Audio Gamma

MI Audio Unveils the Megalith Gamma Amp

December 2, 2013
MI Audio's new high-gain amp weighs in at 80 watts and runs off a pair of 6550s.
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Video Review - Scarlett Amplifiers Screamer 70

September 21, 2010
PG's Jordan Wagner walks us through his latest review--the Scarlett Amplifiers Screamer 70. The Screamer 70 is loaded with three 12AX7 preamp tubes feeding two Tung-Sol 6550 power tubes. The 70's front panel controls include Presence, Bass, Mids, Treble, Master, and Gain.
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Video Review - Soultone 1986ps Bass SuperPlexi

May 14, 2009
PG's Jordan Wagner walks us through his latest review on Soultone's 1986ps Bass SuperPlexi amp. The 1986ps Bass SuperPlexi is based on the tone of Duane Allman found on the Fillmore East gigs. This is a Class A/B 50 watt offering from Soultone that includes 2 EL34 or 6550 power tubes, 3 12AX7/ECC83 preamp tubes, an effects loop with true bypass and Soultone's Power Scaling, which allows a player to dial the wattage from 50W down to 200mW. In addition, this model comes with a Plexi-style two channel option with four inputs and croc-scaled head enclosure. Jordan's signal chain includes a 2006 Gibson Flying V with stock humbuckers,a '63 Nash with Lollar pickups, Egnater 4x12 cab with Celestion V-30 speakers, Elixir cable and ESP MusicCord Power Cord.
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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Output Tubes

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Output Tubes

January 15, 2009
Dave Hunter gets down to business with the tone generating clan of tubes: output tubes.
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