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Rig Rundown: Trans-Siberian Orchestra's Joel Hoekstra and Chris Caffery

December 25, 2019
Huge arena-rock guitar tones meet heavy-metal Christmas jams on one of the year’s most successful tours. Go behind the scenes to see how the guitar tandem kick out the holiday jams.
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Tools for the Task: Drop-Tune Strings

August 18, 2019
Ten sets optimized to keep the tension up and the floppy down.
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GHS Launches Thin Core Phosphor Bronze Strings

May 3, 2019
The strings are designed for vintage guitars, where string tension can be a concern, and for players that use a lighter touch.
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Rig Rundown: Emma Ruth Rundle

January 16, 2019
The moody goth-folk songstress and her 6-string compatriot Evan Patterson detail the off-kilter double-cuts, dual-amp configurations, and reverb-dripping boards that give life to their jangly, ambient washes and doomy, crashing crescendos.
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GHS Announces Fingerboard Care Kit

September 27, 2018
The kit can be used on electric, acoustic, classical guitars, bass guitars, as well as mandolins, banjos, ukuleles, and more.
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GHS Reintroduces Tapewound Bass Guitar Strings

September 24, 2018
The strings are wrapped with a black nylon cover, which aims to give the string an ultra-smooth feel with a deep tone.
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GHS Introduces Pressurewound Bronze Bass Strings

November 28, 2017
The strings are designed to eliminate harsh overtones and string noise.
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GHS Unveils Balanced Nickel Bass Strings

October 13, 2017
In these new sets, they manufacture the G and the E strings by wrapping two covers around the core, bringing a fresh symmetry to the sets.
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GHS Strings Introduces BEAD Tuned Bass Boomers

June 1, 2017
The strings are designed for players looking for the added range of a low B string on a 4-string bass.
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GHS Updates Short-Scale Bass Strings

May 3, 2017
The updated bass strings are designed to work with short-scale bass guitars where a little extra length is required.
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Tools for the Task: Coated Strings

May 27, 2016
Not a fan of changing strings? Swap in a set that can offer longer life.
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GHS Unveils Limited-Edition Infinity Steels Bass Strings

March 28, 2016
The E and B strings have been made with tapered ends to produce a totally new sound.
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GHS Strings Introduces the Americana Series

July 27, 2015
Specialized guitar strings to create a dedicated range perfect for all the different styles of American roots music.
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GHS Unveil Round Core and Crossover Bass Strings

March 19, 2015
Two new additions to their successful bass string line.
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PG Boston Show - GHS

October 10, 2007
GHS shows off various guitar accessory products
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