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Lightning Boy Audio


Lightning Boy Audio Unveils the NuVision

February 12, 2018
An all-tube instrument preamp pedal that operates on Nuvistors.
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Lightning Boy Audio Releases the Thunder Knob

August 25, 2017
The pedal features an all-tube, point-to-point wired audio path, just like a vintage amplifier.
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Lightning Boy Audio Introduces the Lightning Boy Tube Drive

February 13, 2013
Lightning Boy Audio have announced the Lightning Boy Tube Drive, an entry-level pedal that features a NOS 12AU7 tube.
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Lightning Boy Audio Introduces the Bolt Bender Tube EQ

January 12, 2013
Bolt Bender is the ultimate in transparent equalization for electric instruments. It features a passive Baxandall EQ circuit with bass and treble controls.
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