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Fredric Effects


Fredric Effects Announces the Verzerrer, Utility Perkolator MkII, and Dresden Synth Fuzz MkII

March 7, 2019
These three unusual effects are newly designed in wedge enclosures with top-mounted jacks.
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Tools for the Task: Ring Modulators

February 2, 2018
Take a walk on the wild side—or an interesting float trip through deep space—with the dark magic of a ring modulator.
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Fredric Effects Unveils the BugCrusher

December 7, 2017
An analog sample rate reducer that goes from fizzle and crunch to ring-mod craziness.
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Fredric Effects Releases the Standard Fuzz Machine

April 24, 2017
A recreation of the classic Ibanez Standard Fuzz.
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Fredric Effects Announces the Accomplished Badger

September 14, 2016
An original two-stage boost with an opamp buffer/boost driving a germanium transistor gain stage.
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Quick Hit: Fredric Effects Deeply Unpleasant Companion Review

July 8, 2016
The London boutique outfit gifts bassists with a new take on the Shin-ei FY-2 Companion Fuzz.
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Fredric Effects Unveils the Deeply Unpleasant Companion Bass Fuzz

December 4, 2015
A modified version of the Shin-Ei FY-2 Companion Fuzz designed for bass players.
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Frederic Effects Announces the Foxrite MkII

June 2, 2015
A uniquely abrasive effect that goes from garage-rock distortion to full-on velcro-ripping fuzz.
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Fredric Effects Releases the Utility Perkolator

September 9, 2014
The pedal features higher gain, lower leakage Russian Germanium transistors, and a low pass filter.
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Fredric Effects Introduces the Unpleasant Companion MKII

March 13, 2014
The Unpleasant Companion is a harsh, uncompromising transistor fuzz.
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Fredric Effects Releases the Foxrite Fuzz, West German Vintage Tremolo, and Mutant Fuzz

September 20, 2013
London-based Frederic Effects announces three new pedals: Foxrite, West Germany Vintage Tremolo, and Mutant Fuzz.
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Fredric Effects Announces Super Unpleasant Companion and I Got Me A Pocket Weasel! Fuzz Pedals

December 4, 2012
A combination of two classic fuzzes, and an "oddball original design fuzzbox with a wah-like EQ"
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