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Matrix Amplification


Matrix Amplification Introduces FR12 & FR10 Speakers

September 30, 2016
Hear the amplifier and cabinet simulations from your modeling amplifier exactly as intended.
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Matrix Amplification Introduces the Vintage British 800

May 19, 2014
The all-valve preamp is based on a classic British single channel amp from early 1980s.
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Matrix Amplification Announces FR212 Cab

October 18, 2013
The FR212 is a lightweight mono cab specifically designed to serve as a traditional backline for guitar amp modelers.
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Matrix Amplification Announces New GT1600FX Power Amp

November 29, 2012
These Class A/B output power amps are designed for guitarists wanting ultra lightweight, linear, high powered rack mounted amps for use with modelling and pre amp solutions as well as slave amping and wet dry wet rigs.
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Matrix Amplification Unveils GT1500FXBD 3-channel Rackmount Power Amp

November 16, 2012
United Kingdom (November 16, 2012) – Matrix Amplification has introduced the GT1500FXBD, the first of two 3-channel amplifiers designed with the help of French amp-guru Bruno Durand. The GT1500FXBD
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Matrix Guitar Amplification Releases the GM50 Power Amp Module

March 16, 2012
A versatile, lightweight, power amp module made for musicians who require a quality, high powered mono-bloc solution.
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Matrix Releases GT800FX Rackmount Amps

November 2, 2011
Built on a classic class AB output the amp sounds similar to the old V800 as favored by the likes of  Eddie Van Halen, Keith Richards and Robert Plant.
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