December 2020



CMG Devilcat

Summer NAMM 2019: CMG Guitars | Devilcat Amps Diane, Packer & Flying Ace Wah Demos

July 21, 2019
Watch a demo of the Georgia-based company's reimagined S-style axe, a throaty switchless wah, and a pint-sized powerhouse of an amp.
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SNAMM '18 - Devilcat Amps | CMG Guitars Gussie 317 & Missy Demos | Mark & Ashlee Demos

July 12, 2018
Amp and guitar builder Chris Mitchell uses his T-style and LP-style axes to rock through two growling heads loaded with spring reverb and 6L6s.
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Summer NAMM '14 - Devilcat Amplifiers Jimmy Jr & CMG Guitars Bubba Blue Demos

July 23, 2014
See and hear a new 6L6-powered combo and sexy singlecut solidbody in action.
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Devilcat Amps Jimmy Review

September 22, 2013
A burly 50-watt, 1x12 combo, Devilcat Amplifier’s 2-channel, 6L6-powered Jimmy deftly walks the line between operational simplicity and sonic versatility.
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Devilcat Mean Jean

Devilcat Amps Launches Jean Series

August 14, 2013
With the "Mean" Jean, "Clean" Jean, and "Lean" Jean, Devilcat Amps have unveiled an entire new lineup.
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Summer NAMM '13 - Devilcat Amplifiers Jean and Terry Models, and CMG Guitars Ashlee and Mark Solidbodies

August 12, 2013
Check out Devilcat Amplifiers and CMG Guitars at Summer NAMM 2013!
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Summer NAMM '12 - Devilcat Amplifiers Jimmy

July 23, 2012
PG's Tessa Jeffers is On Location in Nashville, TN, for the 2012 Summer NAMM Show where she visits the Devilcat Amplifiers booth. In this video we get to see and hear a demo of the Jimmy.
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Devilcat Amplifiers "Jimmy" to be Unveiled at Summer NAMM

Devilcat Amplifiers "Jimmy" to be Unveiled at Summer NAMM

July 9, 2012
With the working musician in mind, founder Chris Mitchell created the “Jimmy” as the flagship solution for the guitarist trying to achieve a maximum style range for an amplifier.
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