October 2020


Dawner Prince


Dawner Prince

Dawner Prince Electronics Introduces the Pulse Revolving Speaker Emulator

July 24, 2020
An open-cabinet revolving speaker emulator inspired by the legendary Doppola and Gibson’s Maestro Rover RO-1.
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Dawner Prince Effects

Dawner Prince Electronics Releases the Boonar

November 20, 2015
Boonar is an effects pedal precisely designed to recreate vintage Binson Echorec multi-tap magnetic drum echo-delay.
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Dawner Prince Viberator Review

March 10, 2015
Whole worlds of Uni-Vibe-style swirl in a compact stomp.
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Dawner Prince

Dawner Prince Effects Releases the Viberator

September 25, 2014
A stereo version of the vintage phase shifter with a number of modern options.
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Dawner Prince Red Rox

Dawner Prince Effects Announces Red Rox Distortion Pedal

October 24, 2013
Croatia-based Dawner Effects introduces the Red Rox distortion, which features a four-knob design and a Contour control.
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