November 2019



F-Pedals Releases the Tremelon Dual Tremolo

September 19, 2017
A dual-tremolo pedal with individual speed, depth, and volume controls.
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F-Pedals Releases the Nikaos

August 8, 2017
A dynamic distortion designed for Greek producer Nikolas Farmakalidis.
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F-Pedals Introduces the PunQmonk Envelope Filter

June 27, 2017
A classic dynamic envelope filter inspired by Flea.
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Quick Hit: F-Pedals Eddie Kramer Series PhazeVibe Lite Review

February 22, 2016
A light and compact modulation machine that delivers unique phase and vibrato textures.
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F-Pedals Releases the RobotHolic

August 14, 2015
The versatile, first pedal released by artist Francesco Sondelli and legendary recording engineer Eddie Kramer.
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NAMM '14 - F-Pedals Edstortion and Phasevibe Demos

February 28, 2014
Two new stomps from the young company including a pedal inspired by the sounds of the legendary producer/engineer Eddie Kramer.
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