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Ear to the Ground

The blog about new guitar music you should hear—now.



Ear to the Ground: Sleep's “The Clarity”

September 4, 2014
The doom titans’ first recording in more than 20 years is even more monstrously throbbing than their genre-defining early work.
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Chris Smither-feat

Ear to the Ground: Chris Smither’s “Link of Chain”

September 2, 2014
To celebrate a lifetime of music, the Boston folk-blues luminary recruits like-minded friends to help out with two volumes featuring new versions of old favorites.
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Witch Mountain-feat

Ear to the Ground: Witch Mountain’s “Psycho Animundi”

August 27, 2014
When you hear Uta Plotkin’s soulful wail, you’ll wish more doom metal bands had female singers.
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Tom Heyman-feat

Ear to the Ground: Tom Heyman’s “Black Top”

August 18, 2014
The Bay Area’s go-to pedal-steel man cuts smoldering, J.J. Cale-style grooves on his new pawnshop-gear-powered album.
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Ear to the Ground: Woods’ “Tambourine Light”

August 12, 2014
With its chiming, 12-string Rickenbacker leads and boyish vocal harmonies, this is anything but a nod to Dylan.
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The Muffs-feat

Ear to the Ground: The Muffs' “Up and Down Around”

July 28, 2014
Kim Shattuck’s getting fired from the Pixies was the best thing to happen to fans of the Muffs—the band is releasing its first new album in a decade.
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Reigning Sound-feat

Ear to the Ground: Reigning Sound’s “Falling Rain”

July 28, 2014
More Link Wray than Van Morrison, Reigning Sound’s latest overflows with life experience and timeless rock ’n’ roll.
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Ear to the Ground: Bison’s “One Thousand Needles”

July 21, 2014
The Vancouver rock titans deliver a lengthy, two-song EP that veers sharply away from their party-thrash roots and headfirst into doomy sludge.
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Playboy Manbaby-feat

Ear to the Ground: Playboy Manbaby’s “Choppy Chad”

July 14, 2014
This prank-punk sextet has no interest in melting your face, but they just might melt your grilled cheese sandwich. Check these dudes out before Hugh Hefner’s lawyers make them change their name.
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Shake Some Action!-feat

Ear to the Ground: Shake Some Action!’s “Colors Exploding”

July 11, 2014
Is this Seattle quartet worthy of naming itself after the Flamin’ Groovies’ most famous power-pop hit. Listen for yourself and see….
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Karl Denson-feat

Ear to the Ground: Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe’s “My Baby”

July 10, 2014
For the last 30 years, saxophonist Karl Denson has done stints with Lenny Kravitz, the Greyboy Allstars, and Slightly Stoopid, but this hard-grooving solo effort is where he really hits his stride.
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Las Sultanas-feat

Ear to the Ground: Las Sultanas’ “Rober”

July 9, 2014
This all-female Spanish garage-rock outfit writes catchy songs that are perfect for vintage B-movie soundtracks.
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Bonfire Beach-feat

Ear to the Ground: Bonfire Beach's “Spit U Out”

July 8, 2014
In the mood for sultry noise rock? Dexy Valentine sounds like she was born to keep rock ’n’ roll dangerous.
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Strand of Oaks-feat

Ear to the Ground: Strand of Oaks’ “Goshen ’97”

July 8, 2014
This coming-of-age anthem about home recording and Casio keyboards features a raging solo from the one and only J Mascis.
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Ear to the Ground: Further’s “California Bummer”

July 7, 2014
The noise-pop pioneers’ out-of-print recordings are finally getting the reissue treatment—and just in time to help guitarist Josh Schwartz’s battle with ALS.
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Parquet Courts-feat

Ear to the Ground: Parquet Courts’ “Black and White”

July 2, 2014
The Brooklyn indie rockers import ’90s sounds to fuel the fires of 21st-century paranoia and demonstrate how discordance can be anthemic.
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Hiss Golden Messenger-feat

Ear to the Ground: Hiss Golden Messenger’s “Saturday’s Song”

July 2, 2014
Court & Spark cohorts MC Taylor and Scott Hirsch deftly avoid country mouse/city mouse clichés to craft a gorgeous Americana opus that’s an instant classic.
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Range of Light Wilderness-feat

Ear to the Ground: The Range of Light Wilderness’ “Perfect {the First Time}”

July 1, 2014
Just as Beachwood Sparks perfected the classic SoCal sound, this Bay Area trio captures the vibes of its home turf with a sublime gem of harmonious, psychedelic folk-rock.
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Robert Plant-feat

Ear to the Ground: Robert Plant and the Sensational Space Shifters’ “Rainbow”

June 30, 2014
The Led Zep legend returns to rock ’n’ roll, but infuses it with Afrobeat and trance to create a sound that is simultaneously rootsy and new.
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James Williamson-feat

Ear to the Ground: James Williamson and Lisa Kekaula’s “I Gotta Right”

June 27, 2014
Motor City redemption! The Stooges guitarist and Bell Rays vocalist join forces for a ripped-to-shreds rendering of “I Got a Right.”
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