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Mojotone Introduces the ’59 P.A.F. Humbucker Set

December 3, 2019
A replica of one of the most desirable humbuckers of all time.
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Mojotone Introduces the BlackOut British Combo

November 22, 2019
A hot-rodded version of a classic British 18-watt circuit.
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The Year in Gear 2019

November 21, 2019
The 60+ guitars, amps, pedals, basses, and accessories that stood out from the crowd and earned our coveted Premier Gear Award this year.
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Mojotone BlackOut Review

October 17, 2019
A killer handwired tweed-style amp for under a grand.
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First Look: Mojotone BlackOut Tweed Select

August 12, 2019
The sweet sounds of screaming tweed and a raft of even bigger tones live in this affordable take on the 5E3 classic.
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Tools for the Task: 12" Alnico Replacement Speakers

May 24, 2019
Give your rig new life and personality with a speaker makeover.
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Mojotone Releases New BlackOut Tweed Select

April 4, 2019
The 5E3-inspired combo builds on the classic circuit but adds a couple of practical updates.
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MagSlide Announces the MS2 by ThixoTek

November 29, 2018
Magnesium-based, patent-pending guitar slide made from the lightest structural metal on earth.
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Mojotone Announces Solderless 5-Way Blender Wiring Harness

August 27, 2018
No plugs or add-ons are needed for the solderless assemblies to work in most S-style guitars.
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Tools for the Task: P-90 Pickups

July 13, 2018
Who doesn’t love the crisp and clear sound (or raw raunch) from a P-90-packed guitar?
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NAMM '18 - Mojotone Hot Quiet Coil P-90, '58 Quiet Coil HSS & Slammins 2x12 Cabinet Demos

February 5, 2018
Updates on classic pickups, plus a new ready-for-speakers cab designed especially for live performance.
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Mojotone Introduces the Quiet Coil Hot P-90

January 25, 2018
The pickup is available in cream or black Dog Ear and Soap Bar configurations.
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Mojotone Releases the HSS Quiet Coil Pickguard

January 9, 2018
The pickguard uses the company's '58 Quiet Coil set with a custom vintage-output '58 Clone Humbucker.
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Tools for the Task: Filter’Tron-style Pickups

October 8, 2017
Ten modern-day pickups aimed at delivering the classic Filter’Tron sound.
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Tools for the Task: Gold Foil Pickups

March 19, 2017
Curious about modern gold foil pickups? Start your investigation by checking out these 10 options.
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6 for Swapping: 8" Speaker Review Roundup

March 17, 2017
PG corrals a half-dozen of the market’s most compelling 8" replacement speakers, from budget delights to high-end heavyweights.
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Mojotone Unveils the ’56 Quiet Coil P-90 Pickup

February 3, 2017
The pickup parallels all the characteristics of a real vintage P-90, but leaves behind the hum.
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NAMM '17 - Mojotone '56 Quiet Coil P-90 & Wrightsville Demos

January 20, 2017
Hear a vintage-voiced new pickup in a '58 Les Paul Junior and a combo that divides wet and dry signals between its two speakers.
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NAMM 2017 Editors' Picks Livestream Day 1

January 19, 2017
Watch the PG editors talk about their favorite new gear from Dunlop, PRS, Taylor, Laney, and more.
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Mojotone Adds Two Telecaster Models to Line of Quiet Coil Pickups

November 22, 2016
The design yields a classic Tele tone without the unwanted 60-cycle hum.
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